[SI-LIST] Stitching Vias

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  • Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 09:41:46 +0530


I am new to the concept of Stitching Vias and capacitances in PCBs.

Hence I request the experts in this forum to help me understand the


1.      What are stitching vias?
2.      Why are they needed?
3.      How to determine how many stitching vias are required for a given
layer stack up and signals?
4.      How far or close they should be to the signal vias if they are to be
decided with respect to the location of signal vias?
5.      One Layout Engineer was recently talking about stitching
capacitances in the inner layers for making the power planes to behave like
a good reference plane (similar to a ground plane)? I couldn't understand
what he was talking about. Please help.
6.      Is stitching capacitance same as stitching vias? When are they
7.      Are there any reference texts or app notes available to know these


Please help.


Thank you very much,


With Thanks and Best Regards,


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