[SI-LIST] Simulationsof a connector

  • From: "Michael Kurten" <michael.kurten@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Si-List <si-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 15:14:39 -0800

I'm simulating a connector (6x6 coupled spice model) with HSPICE to
determine the crosstalk caused by the connector. The connector is connected
to one active line, 14 quiet lines, and the remaining 21 pins are grounded.

*  topology of the active line
* source  50Ohm            50Ohm         50Ohm         50Ohm       50ohm
*       |>--/\/\/----=========----{CONNECTOR}-------=========---/\/\/--|gnd_a
*                             |             |  |
*                             =             =  \ 1e6Ohm
*                             |             |  /
*                            gnd            |  |
*                                           | gnd
*                                                         |
*                                         gnd_a
*  topology of the quiet lines
*       gnd 50Ohm      50Ohm         50Ohm         50Ohm     50Ohm
*       |---/\/\/----=========----{CONNECTOR}----=========---/\/\/--|gnd_a
*                             |             |
*                             =             =
*                             |             |
                             gnd          gnd_a

The active line is excited by a single rising edge with a rise time of
The transmission lines are all 50 Ohm T-element
The capacitors at the left and right side of the connector have a value of
The grounded pins are connected directly to ground via a 1m resistor in
parallel with a 1.0pF capacitor

The results on the quiet lines show the crosstalk followed by an
establishing sine function which decays very slowly. The frequency of the
sine function is in the 4-5 GHz range.

I'm trying to understand where this behavior comes from. I tried a couple of
arrangements to get rid of this sine function but none of them changed the
behavior significantly. E.g. option gshunt and cshunt, connecting gnd and
gnd_a via a high impedance resistor and a small capacitor.

Any help is highly appreciated.


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