[SI-LIST] Question on DDR SDAM timing spec

  • From: Chris Cheng <chris.cheng@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: si-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 16:57:06 -0700

Hi there,

I am a little confused in the JEDEC DDR SDRAM timing spec and some of its
electrical implications.

Here's my original thought :
1) During bus idle the SSTL_2 input level will be floating round vddq/2
2) DQS receivers do not like input level being vddq/2, it will either
oscillate or sense an incorrect logic level. Either the receivers have to be
disabled or data that gets clocked in has to be discarded
3) DDR DRAM spec uses tDQSS to defined the absolute arrive time of DQS
w.r.t. the DRAM input ck/ck#. It can arrive as late as 1.25tCK or as early
as 0.75tCK.
4) DRAM control logic has to assume the DQS within this time is valid
5) However, the preamble time for write tWPRE only requires the DQS to be
parked to low level at a minimum of 0.25tCK before the first rising edge of
6) This means, in a limiting case, a memory controller can send the DQS to
the target DRAM as late as 1.25tCK (maybe due to heavy loading, DRAM clock
being too early etc) while keeping the bus floating all the way till 1.00tCK
(thus meeting the 0.25tCK tWPRE requirement). 
7) However, the poor DRAM DQS receiver has to assume anything arrive after
0.75tCK as valid strobe signal. Thus between 0.75-1tCK, the DQS input is
floating at VDDQ/2 and god knows what kind of glitch exist at the output of
the DQS receiver that will be used to latch in garbage/extra data.

I am sure a lot of smart people come out with this spec and I make a mistake
somewhere in this argument. Can someone point it out to me ?
Thanks in advanced,

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