[SI-LIST] Re: Layout service recommendations

  • From: "Martin Euredjian" <martin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <si-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 11:28:14 -0700

I seem to have hit a nerve.  The response to my post (both publicly and
privately) has been significant.  I think that the fact that the respondents
read the SI list means something all by itself.  It's also nice to see that
two of the companies I've been talking to (Optimum Design and Hytek
Services) are included in that set.

I appreciate the fact that some who felt inclined to offer a negative
opinion of a service provider decided to do so privately.  That's the only
correct way to do it.

In terms of advertising.  I think that if it is relevant and in response to
a post there's nothing wrong with a short post that says "we do that well,
contact us for further info".

More on topic.  My perspective is unique (so I think) in that I don't have
an extensive engineering support structure.  I don't have the RF layout
expertise, so I have to rely on the layout service using their expertise
along with chip-vendor app notes in order to produce a working piece of
hardware.  When the stuffed boards come back, I need to know that, if they
don't work it is because of problems with my FGPA or uC and not have to
second-guess electrical performance.  I have no way to test gigahertz range
electronics ... perhaps that's another topic: Are there houses that
specialize in electrical testing of this sort?

Thanks for all the feedback,

 Martin Euredjian
  eCinema Systems, Inc.
       voice: 661-305-9320
       fax:   661-775-4876

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