[SI-LIST] Re: LVDS to TTL converter

  • From: Steven Kan <steven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: leeritchey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 11:04:35 -0700

>> From: Steven Kan <steven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Date: 7/17/2009 10:02:51 AM
>> Subject: [SI-LIST] Re: LVDS to TTL converter
>>> From: prasad <hariprasad.palli@xxxxxxxxx>
>>> Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 23:42:17 +0530
>>> Subject: [SI-LIST] LVDS to TTL converter
>>> Hi All,
>>> for one of my application , i would require some kind of adapter which
> can
>>> convert to LVDS signal  to TTL signal over a frequency range upto
> 675Mhz.
>>> can you please suggest if there is any off the shelf component which i
> can
>>> use?
>> Venkat,
>> Are you looking for a chip-level solution or a box-level solution? Do 
>> you need 675 megabit data rate or 675 MHz toggle rate?
>> 675 MHz toggle rate is awfully fast for a true TTL signal. What type of 
>> receiver are you driving, and/or what voltage levels do you have to 
>> achieve at the receiver?
>> At the chip level we have used both National DS90LV032ATMTC and 
>> Fairchild FIN1032MTC with good results (quad LVDS receiver, LVTTL 
>> outputs), but these are only rated up to 400 Mbps/200 MHz. Looking at 
>> their websites I don't see anything faster than that.
>> If you need a box-level solution, we offer this module:
>> http://www.pulseresearchlab.com/products/logic_trans/425N_T/prl-425.htm
>> It will make TTL levels (2 V/50 Ohms) up to 300 MHz toggle rate, and 
>> will toggle with reduced amplitude into the ~500 MHz range (though 
>> that's not guaranteed).
>> -- 
>> Steven Kan                                (p) 310-515-5330 x24
 > Lee Ritchey wrote:
 > Steven,
> I'm curious why you need to interface to TTL. There haven't been any
> TTL parts for some years now. Actually, I've got a few in my junk
> box, but I don't think that any are being manufactured now.
> Lee Ritchey


Actually, I was responding to Venkat's request for LVDS<-->TTL 
conversion. We make the translator box.

We actually sell quite a lot of these. None of these are for new, 
cutting-edge designs, but there is a lot of legacy equipment out there. 
Some people use these for measurement and monitoring, and others use 
them for systems integration.

You'd be surprised at much old, slow stuff is still in widespread use. 
We do a ton of translation to/from RS-422, because a lot of telemetry, 
avionics, and satellite equipment uses it. People use our boxes either 
to convert their RS-422 to LVDS and xECL for compatibility their newer 
equipment, or they convert to TTL for use with their single-ended 
scopes, counters, logic analyzers, etc.

But yes, I certainly wouldn't design TTL into anything new that has to 
run at 675 MHz.
Steven Kan                                (p) 310-515-5330 x24
Pulse Research Lab                        (f) 310-515-0068
1234 Francisco St., Torrance, CA  90502   (c) 818-620-3062
Signal Buffering & Translation for Digital Design, Integration & Test

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