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  • Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 09:22:20 -0700

agathon wrote:
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This is interesting.  Let's assume this job posting is real. =20

After years of displacing U.S. citizens via fraudulent use of H-1B _and_
L-1 visas, Wipro has the cajones to post, right in our face, an=20
offer of employment in India.  No quantity of rupees could compensate. =20

Now, some obvious questions arise. =20

                                Remaining non-si-list appropriate
content deleted



It has been quite some time since I've needed to step in as 'net-cop' in
my roll as si-list administrator. However the message posted this
morning has prompted me to do so.

I am well aware of the issues involved with US engineering jobs moving
offshore to locations where companies can hire engineering talent at
much less cost than they can here in the US. However, as others have
pointed out already this morning, the purpose of si-list is to foster
technical interchange amongst SI professionals and, to a much lesser
extent, to allow occasional job postings that various members of the
list readership may find interest in.

The list subscriber who posted his views on Wipro's recent jobs posting
went off the deep end in my opinion with regards to what is allowable
content for si-list.

This morning's poster is certainly entitled to his opinion and his right
to express it. There are numerous venues where this would be absolutely
acceptable content, however, si-list isn't one of them.=20

I am remaining neutral on the content of his posting, neither expressing
concurrence nor disagreement with the message's content. I am going to
reiterate that si-list's purpose is primarily for rational technical
discussion of SI related technical topics. There are currently something
like 4000+ subscribers to si-list worldwide. As you can imagine they
hail from all corners of the globe and represent a diverse set of
political viewpoints. As si-list administrator I would request all
participants to check their non-technical views at 'the door' when
utilizing si-list. If you have the need and desire to express those
views please find an alternate venue. Yes, I know there are some
non-tech si related topics that may be appropriate for public
discussion. Use your good judgement before posting.

While I am in the 'si-list net-cop' mode I'd like to comment on one
other thing that doesn't concern this morning's post on offshore
postings. The topic is one of personal verbal attacks on members one may
disagree with. Over the past several months there have been a number of
cases where certain posters have made various ad-hominem attacks on the
intelligence and integrity of other list members purely because of a
technical disagreement. In the future I'd request that this sort of
behavior not take place on si-list. It is counter-productive to good
technical discussions and offensive to all.

Anyway, enough of the above. Back to the tech discussions.

Ray Anderson
Si-list admin

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