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  • From: "Sandor Daranyi" <sandord@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 09:54:37 +1000

> At 05:11 PM 8/17/2004 +0530, s.raja wrote:
> >why all IC packages are Black in colour?.
> >Regards
> >Raja

Although non-black packages are definitely in the minority, there are some =
examples - a few have already been mentioned.  Other contemporary example=
s are some AMD processors...
...although, they are not the ubiquitous, fully encapsulated types.

Furthermore, I recall that back in the 70's and 80's, there were TTL logic =
chips made in the USSR that were packaged in greenish, brownish (khaki?) =
material.  (They also had the "distinction" of being DIP packages with EX=
ACTLY 2.5mm pin pitch.  Because of this, they were mostly known to Easter=
n Block countries only.)  The colour of the package surface was a bit une=
ven, which almost lent a kind of texture to it.  So, in electronics circl=
es, it was nick-named as the "elephant dung packaging".

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> From: Hal Murray
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> Subject: [SI-LIST] Re: IC package
> Clear plastic is available for LEDs and photo receptors - other
> colors/filters too.

An elderly friend, for whom the world of electronics is a bit alien, recent=
ly had a remote control going intermittent on him. "Can I replace this?" =
he asked, pointing at the IR LED protruding from the remote.  I was a bit=
 puzzled, so he explained, "It's dark, I think it burned out."  Aah!  He =
thought it was an incandescent bulb it dawned on me, so I gave an explana=
tion about the dark package.  He patiently listened, but then he said "Ye=
s, but have a look!"  ...and he pulled out 3 more remotes with the IR tra=
nsmitters in water clear packaging.  Oh dear!!

Sandor Daranyi
Senior Design Engineer

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