[SI-LIST] Re: Ground, the preferred reference plane

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  • Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 13:48:22 -0800

100% agree but in reality, a lot of PC board doesn't have enough space to
fit so many rpack's. Take a look at most of the reference designs for PC
chipsets, most of them call out generating vref with a DC/DC converter and
terminate with a single resistor.

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Chris Cheng wrote:

>Take an example of DDR in most PC design. The vref on receivers is
>the VTT which usually is generated from an external DC/DC converter that
>generates VDDQ/2 and is completely isolated from the driver VDDQ. 
That does not sound like a good thing...
The receiver Vref should be driver Vddq/2. We usually generate it with a 
resistor divider from driver Vddq.
This way, Vref will track Vddq better...

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