[SI-LIST] Re: ESD is a low frequency event -really??

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 16:10:48 EST

I agree with the bulk of your comments. I received other questions regarding 
the connection between signal and chassis grounds; therefore, as often happens 
in a short dissertation, I didn't offer comments on all facets of possible 
design options.

Specifically, I did not mean to imply that one must not connect the chassis 
ground rings to the signal ground on the board. Generally this connection is 
done at critical interfaces (high-speed data signals and/or power return 
interfaces) and may be done at more than one location. The voltage caused by an 
strike is rendered to be common-mode voltage to the operational circuits at 
that/these connection point(s). The connection should be a low inductance 

For the case where a large PCB is used (a motherboard is a common example), 
there may be many structural mounting points for the PCB. Many vendors take 
advantage of these extra chassis ground points to create a local "quiet ground" 
by connecting signal and chassis grounds together. Several years ago, MIPS 
computers were shining examples of this technique.

You are correct in your comments where physical exposure of component 
packages or heatsinks create a vulnerability to arcs from any nearby source; 
therefore, the designer needs to recognize and deal with these cases.


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