[SI-LIST] Re: ESD Protection Of ATF-55143

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Steve wants his system to withstand contact ESD up to +/- 8 kV. I think =
he means a system level ESD test according to IEC 61000-4-2 standard.=20
The device passing 8 kV HBM does not guarantee it passes 8 kV IEC test.
The stress pulses in the two standards are very different. For example 8 =
kV HBM pulse has a peak current value of 5.3 A and 8 kV IEC pulse has a =
peak current value of around 30 A.
I hope this helps.
Ram Chundru


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Subject: [SI-LIST] Re: ESD Protection Of ATF-55143

I was interested in this question so I looked up the data sheets on both

The ATF-55143 can handle ESD strikes up to 200V (HBM) while the CM1213
starts conducting at +/-9V for ESD strikes to 8kV(HBM).  I'd think you
are covered with that combination.=20

Charlie Anderson
Sr. Electrical Engineer
Micro Control Company
(763) 277-9244

> Dear Si'ers,
>             I am using a ATF-55143 Single Voltage E-pHEMT Low Current
> Noise device in an RF front end application.  I need to make sure I am
> complient with contact ESD to +/-8KV.  The device has an absolute
> rating of +1V to -5V.  Therefore the CM1213 I am using which is great
as a
> very low capacitance ESD device, but of no use, since its break down
> voltage
> is +/-9V.
> Anybody got any ideas as to how to use the ATF-55143 device and ESD
> protect
> it without loading it with high capacitive ESD devices in my front end
> application.
> Regards
> Steve
> GullWing Ltd

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