[SI-LIST] Re: Circle bus topology; Circular Firing Squad?

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 15:33:20 -0400

Anyone who enjoyed the ring discussion might also enjoy analyzing this
"interesting twist" :

BTW, that's a link to US Patent #3267406.

Julian Ferry
High Speed Engineering Manager
Samtec, Inc

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I don't know about everyone else but I have been enjoying this
discussion tremendously, even if it is a little like debating the number
of angels on the head of a pin.

On the practical side I have to wonder the merit of such an idea. Living
in the real world, I think it highly improvable to make a perfect ring.
The lack of homogeneity in laminate, the dispersion effects of the PCB
material alone, are going to increase jitter. I will not file this one
away in my bag of tricks.

Fred Townsend

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