[SI-LIST] Building a SI department

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  • Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 08:43:35 -0400

I'm looking for some good sources of information on building up a(n) SI 
department. What are the right 'tools' (hardware and Software) to be 
looking at? 
We do some analysis now with our Hyperlynx simulator but we know we need 
to start looking at 'better' tools (GHz Hyperlynx, HSPICE?) and techniques 
to move forward towrds 10GHz bit rates. The question in my mind right now 
is "what is it that I want to be able to do"? Do I want to just be able to 
model hi-speed lines, vias and power distribution etc to ensure that they 
will behave as intended. Do I want (need) to characterize parts of the 
design (with a VNA)? I guess I looking for a little guidance so I'm not 
all over the place.

Thanks in advance for all suggesstions.


Mario R. Appiani
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