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To All:

The IBIS Open Forum is holding its second Asian IBIS Summit (Japan)
Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, where several major companies have design
operations and use IBIS.

JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries
Association) is the primary event sponsor with several companies,
listed below, acting as co-sponsors.  The event will held at JEITA
headquarters in Tokyo.  Several US experts are expected to

This announcement is primarily for participation only.  While we
might be able to add a submission, we already expect to have a full
program of technical content based on planned submissions so far.
We have adjusted some times below from previous announcements to
allow for the additional content.

Also we are pleased to add two additional sponsors to those
previously announced.

Note that we are also holding a Summit in Beijing, China on September
11.  You may want to consider this in your travel plans.

Michael Mirmak
Intel Corporation

Takeshi Watanabe
NEC Electronics Corporation

                         ASIAN IBIS SUMMIT (JAPAN)
                       FIFTH CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

             A S I A N   I B I S   S U M M I T   ( J A P A N )

Date/Time:  Friday September 14, 2007,  8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
            Meeting starts at 9:00 AM

Location:   JEITA Headquarters
            3rd Fl., Mitsui Sumitomo Kaijo Bldg. Annex 11,
            Kanda Surugadai 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku,
            Tokyo 101-0062


Content:    Presentations and Discussions

Purpose:    Solicit and Exchange IBIS Model Related Information
            and Ideas.

Organizational Sponsors:
            Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries
               Association (JEITA)
            EIA IBIS Open Forum

Co-sponsors (in alphabetical order):
            Agilent Technologies
            ATE Service Corporation (Sigrity)
            Cadence Design Systems
            Cybernet Systems
            IVIS (Signal Integrity Software (SiSoft))
            Mentor Graphics Corporation

Cost:       FREE, including refreshments and lunch

            Contact us for details regarding sponsorship


   This year we are holding the second open Asian IBIS Summit (Japan)
   meeting.  Participants include major Japanese companies operating in=20
   Tokyo and affiliated with JEITA and IBIS.

   Our objective is to reach out internationally to communicate with
   the local experts and to learn of regional concerns.


   The conference language is English, but we will plan for technical
   translations in English and Japanese.  Presenters may optionally
   deliver in Japanese as long as an English version of the material
   is available.


   This meeting will be conducted as a formal IBIS Summit Meeting.
   Presentations will be archived in an electronic format on our
   Summit site and minutes of the meeting will be issued.  However,
   no formal decisions requiring votes will be planned.


   People involved in IBIS model development, EDA tool development,
   and digital circuit design are invited to participate to the
   Summit meeting. If you plan to participate, please register with
   the information below:

     E-mail address:

     Top-level Web Link:


   Send to BOTH:

     Bob Ross, Teraspeed Consulting Group    bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
     Takeshi Watanabe, NEC Electronics Corp. takeshi.watanabe@xxxxxxxxx

   SIGNUP DEADLINE: September 7, 2007

     Because of limited space, advance registration is required.


   NOTE: Our program is nearly full based on the expected submissions.

   We are seeking presentations from individuals who have IBIS
   experiences or issues.  If we have to select presentations for
   the number of time slots available, we will give preferential
   consideration to presentations from Asia.

   Presentation Format:   LCD Projection from meeting laptop computer
   Time:                  15-30 Minutes including questions
   Electronic Archival:   All presentations will uploaded to our public
                          IBIS Summit archives
   Electronic Format:     Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF
   Presentation Copies:   Available at the meeting for all attendees

   Presentation Deadline: September 7, 2007 to produce the presentation
                          copies for the meeting

   If you plan a presentation, please ADD to the above registration

     Title of Presentation:

     Estimated Time:
       (30 minutes or less)

   We will notify you of acceptance and may follow up with questions
   when we form the program agenda.

   Note: Vendor promotional or business information is prohibited.
   Submitted presentations must be in English, although the delivery
   can be in either Japanese or English.

   Submissions from Asian are encouraged.


   8:30     Sign in Asian IBIS Summit (Japan)
   9:00     Presentations
   12:00    Free lunch
   12:40    Presentations
   16:00    End of Meeting
   16:00    Open Discussion about EDA Model (JEITA-EIA/IBIS Meeting)
            Everyone is welcome
   17:00    Welcome Party

   The specific agenda is being developed.  While some expected
   have not been finalized, we expect a full program covering a range of
   issues from existing customer experiences, existing clarifications
   some of the future directions in IBIS to deal with technical

   Several major IBIS Committee presentations from IBIS officers or
   active members are planned

   Several presentations on IBIS applications or modeling issues are
   expected from co-sponsor companies or their customers.


   Hotels in all price ranges can be found through internet searches.
   JEITA suggests the Tokyo Dome Hotel.

   JEITA headquarters is located near several train stations (click


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