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Below is the agenda for the IBIS Summit Meeting in Tokyo.  We
are sending it out early to encourage final registration, if
you have not already registered.

Please bring your business card to serve as a name badge.

To register, please provide the information below:

      E-mail address:

      Top-level Web Link:


    Send to BOTH:

      Bob ROSS, Teraspeed Consulting Group    bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Atsushi ISHIKAWA, JEITA EC Center       a-ishikawa@xxxxxxxxxxx

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.



       A S I A N   I B I S   S U M M I T    I N F O R M A T I O N

Time/Date:  Monday November 15, 2010, 13:30 to 18:00
             Meeting starts at 14:00

Location:   JEITA Headquarters

             Ote Center Bldg.   (new location for 2010)
             1-1-3, Otemachi
             Tokyo 100-0004


Organizational Sponsors:
             Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries
                Association (JEITA)
             IBIS Open Forum

Sponsors:   ATE Service (Sigrity)
             Cadence Design Systems


           I B I S  S U M M I T  M E E T I N G  A G E N D A

13:30   SIGN IN
           - Vendor Tables Open

14:00   Meeting Welcome
           Otake, Yasutaka (JEITA EC Center, Japan)
           Ross, Bob (Teraspeed Consulting Group, USA)

14:10   IBIS Progress and Activities
           Ross, Bob (Teraspeed Consulting Group, USA)

14:20   Size Matters - Recent Experiences with IBIS Files
           Bruening, Ralf and Schaeder, Martin (Zuken, Germany)

14:40   Point Reduction Method for IBIS Curves
           Wang, Lance (IO Methodology, USA)

15:05   IBIS Quality Framework
           Hamaji, Yoshihiro (Toshiba I.S. Corporation, Japan)

15:30   BREAK (Vendor Tables)

15:45   IBIS for SSO Analysis
           Wang, HaiSan; Lou, Joshua; Lin, Jack; and Zhong, ZhangMin
           (Sigrity, China)

16:15   Extending/Leveraging IBIS Constructs to Model High-Speed
           I/Os and Packages using AMI, Spice, and S-Parameters
           (Lin, John*; Al-Hawari, Feras**##; Kukal, Taranjit**#;
           and Varma, Ambrish**## (*Flextronic, China, and
           **Cadence Design Systems, #India and ##USA)

16:45   IBIS-ISS: What Is It and What It Means to You
           Mirmak, Michael (Intel Corporation, USA)

17:05   First Experiences in Dealing with ICEM (IC Emission) Models
           Bruening, Ralf (Zuken, Germany)

17:25   Model Connection Protocol Extensions for Mixed Signal SiP
           Kukal, Taranjit*#; Dia, WenLiang*##; Brim, Brad*; and
           Fujine, Eiji*** (*Cadence Design Systems, #India, ##China,
           **Sigrity, USA, and ***Fujitsu VLSI Limited, Japan)

17:55   Concluding Items



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