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This message is earlier than normal, but the meeting Agenda
is fixed.  We have significant signup already, and this
is sent mostly for information for the sponsors and Asian
community to continue registering.

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      E-mail address:

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SIGNUP DEADLINE: September 4, 2007

Bob Ross
Teraspeed Consulting Group

Lance Wang
IO Methodology, Inc.


        A S I A N   I B I S   S U M M I T    I N F O R M A T I O N

Time/Date:  8:15 - 17:30, Tuesday September 11, 2007

Location:   Park Plaza Hotel Beijing
             25 Zhichum Road
             Haiden District
             Beijing 100083

             Tel:     + 86-10-82356699
             E-mail:  beijing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Room:       HongYun Room, 3rd floot
             Check Hotel Meeting Listing

Sponsors:   Huawei Technologies (Primary)
             Agilent Technologies
             Cadence Design Systems,
             Intel Corporation
             Mentor Graphics Corporation,
             Signal Integrity Software (SiSoft)
             ZTE Corporation


           I B I S  S U M M I T  M E E T I N G  A G E N D A

           - Vendor Tables Open

9:00    Welcome and Keynote Comments
           - Jiang, XiangZhong
             (Huawei Technologies, China)
           - Mirmak, Michael
             (Chair., EIA IBIS Open Forum, Intel Corporation, USA)
           - Invited Chinese Representative Remarks

9:30    Wang Algebra and Interconnects
           Ross, Bob (Teraspeed Consulting Group, USA)

9:50    IBIS-ATM Update: SerDes Modeling in IBIS
           Westerhoff, Todd (Signal Integrity Software (SiSoft), USA)

10:15   BREAK (Refreshments)

10:30   Serial Link Analysis and PLL Model
           Huang, ChunXing (Huawei Technologies, China)

11:00   A Review of Existing Multi-Gbps Serial Channel Analysis
         Methods and the Evolution of the Proposed ATM Algorithmic
         Modeling Standard
           Dodd, Ian*, Ward, Richard** and Gupta, Sanjeev* (*Agilent
           Technologies, USA and **Texas Instruments, USA)

11:30   An Overview of High-Speed Serial Bus Validation
           Muranyi, Arpad and Dmitriev-Zdorov, Vladimir
           (Mentor Graphics Corporation, USA)

12:00   FREE BUFFET LUNCH (Hosted by Sponsors)
           - Vendor Tables
           - Press Luncheon for IBIS Officers and Sponsors

13:30   Modeling and Simulation for Multi-Gigabit Interconnect
           Zhu, ShunLin, Hu, WeiDong, and Chen, SongRui
           (ZTE Corporation, China)

14:00   Power Deliver System Design Automation
           Xu, Tao (Sigrity, China)

14:30   IBIS 4.2/AMS for DDR2 Timing Analysis
           Guan, Tao (Huawei Technologies, China)

15:00   Validation for IBIS Models
           Wang, Lance*, Zhang, XinJun**, and Yan, Benny**
           (IO Methodology, *USA, **China)

15:25   IBIS Algorithm Including Reactive Loads
           Chen, XueFeng (Synopsys, China)

15:40   BREAK (Refreshments)

15:55   Understanding and Using ICM Models
           Meng, YuBao (Cadence Design Systems, China)

16:25   Using S-Parameters for High Performance Simulation
           Li, BaoLong (Ansoft, China)

16:55   Issues Combining Buffer and Interconnect Model
           Mirmak, Michael (Intel Corporation, USA)

17:15   SerDes Modeling: IBIS-AMI Evaluation Toolkit
           Westerhoff, Todd (Signal Integrity Software (SiSoft), USA)

17:20   IBIS AMI Model Developers Toolbox
           Shah, Hemant (Cadence Design Systems, USA)

17:25   Concluding Items

           - Final Vendor Tables and Teardown


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Teraspeed Consulting Group LLC     Teraspeed Labs
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