[SI-LIST] Re: Article discussion on bad packages

  • From: Ray Anderson <reanderson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: si-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 19:36:48 -0800

Chris Cheng wrote:

>I had too much champagne to continue a coherent discussion in the list for
>the past few days but I feel good enough to continue now.
       Remainder deleted...........


    With all due respect, I would ask you to cease and desist your 
personal attacks on other list members. I fully support your right to 
disagree with the technical aspects of a posting, HOWEVER, when you turn 
the technical discussion into an ad-hominem attack on a fellow engineer 
in the public forum of si-list I believe you have crossed the line.

  I've known Istvan for many years and count him amongst my valued 
friends and colleagues. Based on what I know about the work he is 
involved in I can say with certainty that you have, by your vitriolic 
posting,  made unwarranted and  inappropriate accusations. If you feel 
that you must continue this diatribe please take it off-list. The tone 
of your last few postings (the last one in particular)  were totally 
inappropriate for si-list. Si-list members have always strived to treat 
others on the list with dignity and respect. Accusatory, denigrating and 
otherwise demeaning attacks on others will not be tolerated. Please show 
your colleagues on the list that respect if you intend on continuing 
being a list contributor. I would be very surprised if you received a 
response to your last posting from Istvan as it seems to me that it 
really doesn't warrant a response.

 To all other list members, please excuse the breakdown in list decorum 
and the need to intervene in this matter.


    Ray Anderson
Senior Signal Integrity Staff Engineer
 (si-list administrator)
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