[SI-LIST] Annual "si-list acceptable use" posting

  • From: Ray Anderson <ray.anderson@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 11:31:20 -0700


About once a year it becomes necessary to re-state the general
acceptable use guidelines for si-list. The restatement is for the
benefit of both new members and existing members who may benefit from a
memory refresh cycle.


To begin with, the primary reason for the existence of si-list is to
provide a medium to foster the exchange of signal integrity related
technical knowledge amongst the members. Secondarily, it exists to
provide a forum for posting information on events of interest to the SI
community. Third, on occasion it may function as a place to post info
related to job openings.


I'll expand a little on the above 3 reasons to clarify any ambiguities.


Primary Reason:

"...to provide a medium to foster the exchange of signal integrity
related technical knowledge amongst the members."


While the sentence specifies 'signal integrity' related, as a practical
matter discussions related to other allied fields beside SI such as
EMI/EMC, RF and data test methods, CAD tools, modeling  etc. are
certainly permissible as long as the subject matter isn't too far


By way of example, the following subjects would seem to be in line with
allowable topics:

a.       Topics related to Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, SI Tools

b.      EMC and EMI topics especially when related to SI

c.       Simulation/Extraction algorithm discussions

d.      Modeling (s-parameters, IBIS, Spice, etc.)

The above list is certainly not exhaustive and the absence of a topic in
the example list does not preclude it from being appropriate for the


The following might be a bit far afield for si-list and are probably
best discussed elsewhere (unless you can demonstrate a definite relation
to the SI field):

a.       Semiconductor Fabrication topics.

b.      Theoretical physics

c.       Basic EE101 homework type issues

d.      Etc......



Secondary Reason:

".....it exists to provide a forum for posting information on events of
interest to the SI community"


                This is an area where much of the interpretation as to
what is acceptable may be a bit fuzzy. The following list gives a few
examples of topics definitely OK:


a.       Call for Papers related to SI

b.      Announcement of upcoming SI related conferences


The following are topics that might be OK:

a.       Free seminars run by vendors

b.      Pointers to 'free' SI tools from vendor websites

c.       Announcements of 'contests' and such from vendors


The common thread is that vendors are involved in one way or another. If
the 'seminar' is a thinly veiled marketing ploy then please find an
alternate venue to advertise it. If a 'free' tool isn't truly useful but
is just a 'hook' to pull in potential new customers then it probably
isn't OK. If a SI related contest is truly educational then it is
perhaps OK. If it is intended increase your website traffic as a
marketing thing then probably not.


"Advertising" like postings are discouraged by vendors. In an attempt to
keep the playing field level it is requested that vendors (CAD tools,
test equipment, components etc...) refrain from what could be construed
as advertising on the list. Those vendors who adhere to the rules are
put at a competitive disadvantage by those who opt to ignore the rules.


If someone asks a question such as: Where can I get a IBIS model made,
or, who sells a XYZ analyzer then it is OK for a vendor to responds with
a simple acknowledgement and a point of contact for further
info/discussion. An on-list marketing presentation is neither required
or desired.


As you can see, there is a lot of room for interpretation. If you're not
sure, please ask before posting.



Tertiary Reason:


"... it may function as a place to post info related to job openings"


This one is pretty easy to understand:


a.       Occasional postings by hiring managers looking to fill a
specific opening in their group are OK.

b.      Postings by "Headhunters", HR departments or postings that look
like "Display Ads" are discouraged.


                If you make an acceptable use posting:

a.       please keep the job description short and to the point

b.      provide a means of contact (website, e-mail, phone#) for further
more detailed info. 

c.       Be sure to identify the geographic location.


Hopefully the above paragraphs outline what is allowed and what is
discouraged as to the use of si-list.


Part of the reason that si-list runs as smooth as it does is 'self
policing' by the list users. While I don't condone heavy handed net
police tactics, if a fellow list member makes a comment that something
may not be in accord with established SI-List rules and/or practices,
please don't take offense, but learn from the advisory.


It isn't possible (or at least I don't have the time) to codify all
possible acceptable and non-acceptable uses of the list, please just use
common sense when posting. If you're not sure, just ask.




Ray Anderson

(si-list admin)



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