[SI-LIST] Re: A question about XTK

  • From: "Abe Riazi" <ariazi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 09:23:57 -0800

        Hi Jack:

       When employing  a .sif file, I usually do not utilize the information 
      by XNS in .rep, .gen or .idd files.

     However, I believe that one powerful application of .sif file is to launch
     a pseudo-random bit sequence (PRBS) pattern at the output of a  driver of 
     the net and then produce and analyze the eye waveform at a receiver.
     It is possible  to extract from the eye diagram critical  SI and timing 
    (e.g.  ringback overshoot/undershoot, slew rate data, source synchronous 
    set up/hold violations, etc.)

     Best Regards,

    Abe Riazi.

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Hi Riazi:
Could you please explain more detail? The timing data in REP file will have
many timing errors. How can you get no error timing report by use of SIF
file? Is there any extra process? Thanks for your reply!

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Subject: [SI-LIST] Re: A question about XTK

Jack W.C. Lin  Wrote:

Is there any way for XTK to generate a correct timing and SI report when
input files include SIF file or MDC file? Thanks! Jack


Hi Jack:

The answer is yes.

For instance, a Specific Information ( .sif ) file can be created to excite
a (pseudo-) random bit pattern for generation of an eye waveform. The eye
diagram in turn can yield valuable SI and timing data.

Best Regards,

Abe Riazi

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