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 Hi Everyone,
I just posted my Technical Tidbit for June 2013, "A Collection of ESD

This is the fourth time since starting my website, http://emcesd.com[1] , in
June of 1999 that I have posted an article written by a guest contributor.
This time the guest contributor is Geoff Weil. Geoff is an excellent
designerespecially of analog circuits and especially if they contain high
voltage. He designed the well known KeyTek Mini-Zap&#8482; ESD simulator
years ago as well as the KeyTek ZapMaster&#8482; and several Electrical Fast
Transient generators. He is currently working on voltage-boosted alpha
sourceionizers and high voltage pulse generators.

Abstract: A collection of measurements by guest contributor, Geoff Weil, is
presented that shows characteristics of several different types of ESD
including Human Metal Model, bare finger tip (Human Body Model), Charged
Device Model, and Furniture discharges. By collecting these measurements all
in one document, comparison between the different types of ESD are easy to

The article is located at: http://www.emcesd.com/tt2013/tt060213.htm[2] and
contains a link to Geoff's paper in pdf format.

The I have added information in the first few screens from the top of the
home page of http://emcesd.com[3] including some recent non-technical
exploits. There are also pictures of Boulder City, NV there.

Also if you go to http://emcesd.com/#BoulderCity[4] directly, you will see
information on my seminar at the end of July on design troubleshooting and
EMC/ESD as well. I have added many new experiments to the seminar so than
about 50% of class time overall is devoted to demonstrating design concepts
on live circuits, a unique engineering experience. The typical fee includes
hotel, meals, and local airport transportation in NV.

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--- Links ---
   1 http://emcesd.com
   2 http://www.emcesd.com/tt2013/tt060213.htm
   3 http://emcesd.com
   4 http://emcesd.com/#BoulderCity
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   6 http://www.dsmith.org
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