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That's a good idea.  There was always one little darling that would  poop 
or throw-up by the time you got a block away from home!!  LOL
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I would make him ride with me and make sure we had plenty of food  and 
water in the little darlings before the ride to the vet. Then I would have  him 
carry the drooling darlings into the vets office one at a time. I would  
make dam good and sure he was part of the process. If he is like most men  he 
will be gagging after the first puppy. Then I would look at him in total  
disgust ad ask him if he really thought he is up for a puppy. 

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Sorry I didn't  read the other emails before sending...just dealt with this 
with Persians.  Angela 

Angela Scott    
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For  Cheryl....tindrock

Angela Scott   
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Well, I take  mine to their first shots and worming to the Vet...a CYA 
thing. If this  happened to me, I would call my Vet and chat with him....make 
this guy pay a  office call etc....even if he hasn't put a deposit down...make 
him  pay....hope it works out! Sounds like a yuppy dude in Washington 
state! LOL  Angela 

Angela Scott   
_adonispersian@msn.com_ (mailto:adonispersian@xxxxxxx) 

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hi everyone, hope everyone is safe from  the recent storms and I hope you 
enjoyed seeing Rumour win Group 4 at  Westminister last night!  Huge congrats 
to all involved!   

I have a question for you breeders out there.  Have you ever had a  
prospective puppy buyer insist on accompaning you to the first vet check for  a 
litter of your pups?  This guy is telling me it is a 'condition' of  his buying 
a pup.  So I told him, I will not be held hostage to his  conditions and 
wished him luck finding another pup.  I find this  strange and in 30 years no 
one has made this demand of me.  I ask, is  this normal and would you guys 
ever allow this?  Maybe it's  me...........thanks for listening and I welcome 
your responses.   Cheryl/Tindrock





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