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Depends on the attitude Cheryl…..


If there was excitement about getting a puppy and they simply wanted to get 
acquainted with the vet and establish a relationship, then probably. But if it 
was some sort of demand that I comply with their agenda, then, yes, good-bye. 
Have had several that did not want me to ask questions. One said, “I’m buying 
the dog, it is good money and I’ll do things my way!” Again – good-bye. One 
showed up in an open jeep with a chain in hand – Again, good-bye. One had a 
ranch North of Truckee, 640 acres of barbed wire fence, dog would be free 
ranging on the ranch and would stay outside. Coyotes, fence, sub-zero 
temperatures in winter – again, good-bye.


I make no excuses. If I do not feel right about it, I am comfortable saying 
good-bye. If you did, you probably should have!



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hi everyone, hope everyone is safe from the recent storms and I hope you 
enjoyed seeing Rumour win Group 4 at Westminister last night!  Huge congrats to 
all involved!  


I have a question for you breeders out there.  Have you ever had a prospective 
puppy buyer insist on accompaning you to the first vet check for a litter of 
your pups?  This guy is telling me it is a 'condition' of his buying a pup.  So 
I told him, I will not be held hostage to his conditions and wished him luck 
finding another pup.  I find this strange and in 30 years no one has made this 
demand of me.  I ask, is this normal and would you guys ever allow this?  Maybe 
it's me...........thanks for listening and I welcome your responses.  




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