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Have received the following email  which there was a  problem with 
posting.....along with a request to post.   Please  read carefully...M
The Truth for Those Who Want It 
I have seen Joan Foxâ??s letter â??Use Your Vote Wiselyâ??,  and I could not 
agree more.  Please read her letter through at least  twice â?? it is long, 
because there is a lot there to understand.   There are strange and creepy 
that have been going on in our Club  for quite a long time.  The difference 
is that now you know more  about it than used to be true.  It used to be 
that these were done in  secret, and that the members often did not know what 
happened.   However, once the electronic age was born, it became much more 
possible  for members to be in contact, and to have much more current news.   
Showgsd-l came into being, and suddenly it was possible for everyone to  
have live or almost live information.  Information could be posted  from the 
Board meetings, and you will no doubt recall that some members  came to the 
Board meetings and took notes, and posted them to the List the  same day. 
Those within the Board who didnâ??t like the light of day  shining on their 
plots and conspiracies worked very  hard to shut off  the flow of 
information.  They passed rules prohibiting people from  posting from Board 
They did (and still do) do everything  they can to interfere with the 
functioning of the List.  They hold  â??closed sessionsâ??, and work hard at 
Board members, to keep them  from talking about what they know. 
What is Going On With Me 
For those who donâ??t know what happened to me:   my  husband got very ill, 
had to have several major surgeries  unexpectedly.  The first of those was a 
quadruple cardiac  bypass.   All of this came as a total surprise, and in 
addition  to my being there for him during and after the surgery (and I 
literally  had to feed him and take care of him once he was discharged from the 
hospital each time), all the work of our practice landed on me as  well.  Not 
surprisingly, all that was going on concerning the Club  dropped down the 
list of priorities â?? my first and only thought for a long  time was Stuart, 
and second was my law practice.  I was told by the  Cardiologist that, given 
the facts as they existed, it was a miracle he  was alive.  I was so totally 
swamped by this that I just did not have  the time to keep on the front 
burner my lawsuit to combat the battle that  was being waged against me by 
â?? â?? those people who I describe in the  lawsuit.  The lawsuit is not over, 
and will not be over until justice  results.  Now that we have yet another 
ugly election period, I  decided to sit here in the middle of the night and 
to clarify some  things: 
1 â?? The lawsuit is not over, and despite the lies that  have been told, 
NONE OF THE DEFENDANTS were vindicated.  The  Defendants used as part of their 
defense strategy a claim that the suit  should not have been filed in 
Florida, that the State of  Florida did  not have jurisdiction over the dispute 
and the causes of action.  The  judge assigned to the case is a relatively new 
judge, and has a background  in family law.  She did not seem to  
understand the jurisdiction  issue, and Florida law, which DOES allow the case 
to be 
filed here, so  made what I am sure was the wrong ruling.  Accordingly, I  
appealed.  The appeal is still pending, has been for a long time,  which I 
and others consider a very favorable indication that the appeals  court WILL 
OVERRULE the  incorrect ruling of the judge and will allow  Florida to take 
jurisdiction.  However, that is the ONLY issue that  has even been before the 
judge â?? the bad conduct I discuss in my Complaint  has not yet gotten to be 
heard at all.  However, even if this does  not happen, my causes of action 
remain open, and I am free to re-file the  case in New York, AGAINST ALL 
DEFENDANTS, and will do so.  I have  been waiting only to see what the outcome 
of the appeal is.  I expect  to win it, and to continue on in Florida, but 
if not, I WILL refile in New  York, and the people who think they are off the 
hook will be right back in  court.  It is not that I wanted to sue the Club 
â?? there was no other  choice.  It is that I want the INDIVIDUALS who did 
wrong in the  Clubâ??s name to be held accountable, and since they used the 
s name to  do it, the Club is a necessary party.  
2 â?? I DID NOT QUIT OR RESIGN.  I renewed my  membership, as I have done 
every year for many years.  I have the  receipt to prove it.  Interestingly, 
the claim was made that it was  â??never receivedâ??.  This is not true â?? it 
done to try to get rid  of me, similar to the shenanigans that were designed 
to get rid of  Joan.  However, I am not gone, and have no intention of 
going  anywhere.  While they may thing they have excluded me from the Club  
the bogus â??nonrenewalâ?? issue, I am quite certain that a court of law  will 
deal with that, whether it is a Florida court or a New York  court. 
3 â?? Due to my husbandâ??s condition, attending Board  meetings would have 
been difficult.  However, since I NEVER RECEIVED  A SINGLE MEETING NOTICE, 
although I was and still am the duly elected  Recording Secretary, I did not 
know where they were, and with all else  that was going on, there was no 
practical way to plan on attending.   It is humorous how the Minutes of each of 
the meetings note that I was not  present, and that I gave no notice that I 
would not be present, although  they are well aware that I was not GIVEN 
notice of when or where the  meetings would be.  I wonder if those same Minutes 
note when the  current President is not present and as I understand it, has 
given no  notice that SHE would not be present yet has disappeared from 
attendance  and from her Club responsibilitiesâ?¦.. 
â??Theyâ?? had gone out of their way to make the very  difficult Recording 
Secretary job virtually impossible to do properly, and  I understand that 
others have had difficulty filling in also.  There  is no good reason why the 
should be so difficult or unpleasant, and in  fact, just before my husbandâ??
s illness, I had been working on some really  great new technological 
approaches, that would have put streaming audio of  the Board meetings on the 
web site within 48 hours of each Board  meeting, so you could all hear for 
yourselves anything that was of  interest.  Needless to say, â??theyâ?? did not 
like that, and took  measures to interfere with getting it done. 
I am still here.  I am still an administrator of  Showgsd-l, although, due 
to the personal situation that has been going on  here that I described, I 
have not been able to put the time in as I used  to do.  It is impossible to 
describe how many countless hours of time  and work are and have been 
involved in keeping the List going.  I do  intend to resume some share of the 
responsibilities in the near future.   
Please, before you cast your votes this year, look  around you, read Joanâ??s 
letter, read my Complaint if you have not, so that  you can understand what 
is happening in your Club.  YOU have the  power to stop it â?? YOU have the 
power to take control away from the people  who are doing this to you, to our 
Club, to our Breed.  In fact, no  one BUT you can get rid of these people.  
Clearly the AKC is not  going to â?? they do nothing now, just as they did 
nothing when that group  completely perverted the bylaws and rules of the Club 
where I was  concerned.  It is easy for them to say â??the membership can 
vote the  people out if they donâ??t like what they are doingâ??.  That is true 
you CAN vote them out, and I hope you WILL vote them out. 
Although I am a member of Showgsd-l, I am sending this  to Zoe and asking 
her to post it for me, because my email will not be able  to handle any 
quantity of replies.  I really appreciate all the  people who have stood by me, 
had faith in me and supported me, knowing or  believing that the things being 
said about me by â??themâ?? were lies.   Please know that the battle 
continues, and that I am determined to see to  it that the people who did wrong 
the GSDCA in their improper actions  against me pay for what they did.  
However, YOU can see to it that it  does not happen again by VOTING THEM OUT.  
t be complacent, and  donâ??t be fooled.  Return the GSDCA to what it is 
supposed to be, what  it has always been â?? GET RID OF THE CONSPIRATORS. 
Best always, 
Margery Golant 
Recording Secretary, GSDCA 

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