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Hi Zoe;
What is NOT clear as mud is why the members are not allowed to speak on this

issue with a vote??
We never asked for a vote on the DQ issue but we were put in that position
Yet as members and Standard breeders we were never allowed to "finish"  this
with a vote on what we think about allowing the breed separation of these
dogs and 
their owner/ breeders who DO want that?    Though small in numbers they are
trying to 
resolve this instead of continuing on promoting a DQ while insisting on
being referred to
as the Breed that does not allow them.   
Why would we care how many are members of which group that does not breed
to our Standard anyway?    Those who DO breed according to the GSD Standard
and are 
judged by it in the ring should be allowed to vote on  this issue.
The Board is temporary....  ( sort of )  <G>  ( sorry Ed ).....let the
The MEMBERS pay dues and who remain for YEARS should be able to have their

Carolyn  marhaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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From: On Behalf Of Doc Zoe    Subject:  The WHite issue

Here is the Score card

There are 4 white groups - 2 have banded into a Federation with about 
330 members and they DO NOT WANT Separation

AWSA wants separation and they have about 135 members

BBS wants to be a recognized breed as it is in 90 countries with the FCI
since 2003 
so their imports can be placed into the BBS breed and not the GSD breed.  
This is a new Club with about 12 members and 30 imports.

Clear as Mud

4 clubs, 3 different agendas

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