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  • Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2009 17:01:51 EDT

The after show dinner was well attended.  I think it had about  thirty 
people there, and good Italian food.  The show itself had a lot of  talk about 
the election and everyone expressed an opinion with good cheer and a  bit of 
laughs. It helped that Flower Boy was involved.  We drove back to  the park 
after dinner and sat a bit with the Brockett/Freedberg group, always  fun. 
Lots of puppies to play with.
Then Richard Sottile and Bill Basu came by to look at out six week old  
puppies.  It may have been a mistake, they are still crying for more  
attention. I may have to go out and play with them a bit more. I give so much  
the dogs.
I got a call for Vivian this morning about six, it seems the wedding last  
night at The Park had some social beverages, and they tore down our ring. 
So, I  went over early to set it up again, and moved it. Everyone was upset, 
it is  difficult to go to two different areas of a park on the same day. I 
told them  they should pull their entries.
Bob Freeny helped me setting up the speakers, it was like having Tedi here. 
 No matter what I did, he had a better idea, and he was right.  Gene and  
Sharon Pico just got her and Tom and Vivian Brown drove up. We get to drive 
on  the grass, and that is a kick.  I see that Liz Leshhorn brought Robert, 
and  Jerry Plager is here setting up the coffee, so it looks like a dog show.
The motor home folks are out, Sheryll and Debbie Freeberg on her scooter.  
He leg is doing a lot better but she used a scooter to go distances.  Tedi  
just got here, so now I can find out how much I did wrong.  I suffer  so.
I tried to read the ballot this morning. Donâ??t they know we are  ageing?  
That must be 8 pt. type.  It is a good thing I already know  what I am going 
to do, but I have a problem with all the by-law changes.  I  will get a 
magnifying glass tomorrow in the office and try to read it.  
Judy Morgan, (Fuller) is here with her daughter Jody to clean up after the  
wedding, and she brought her dad Bob Fuller yesterday, and he looks great.  
 Raul and Ordie are here waiting for Jean and Sharon Pico, they roped off 
the  ring. It is a small entry, but lots of people. I think every entry has 
two  people.

I did get to say hello yesterday to Erin Nellis and Kim Schooley, and  they 
are here today as well, all color coordinated and hanging with the ever  
popular Carol Weal.  I see that the ring is starting to fill in now, and  even 
more people than yesterday.  I see Collette Skinner and Threressa  Royer 
here too.  I didnâ??t get to talk to everyone yesterday, and I will try  to do 
better today.
Kathy Bennett came by and is entered in open bitches but isnâ??t showing to  
day. Ben Bignoria is here asking for coffee, and I see Twyla just got here 
with  a new hair cut.  I am surprised to see The Guz just got here, and I see 
Sam  Isreal over the other side of the ring.  I get a lot of grief beause I 
 donâ??t mention some people, and I do it on purpose to aggrivate as many as 
I can.  Often I just canâ??t remember names, so I donâ??t try.
The judge is here now, and I just realized how much Jenn looks like Joan  
Fox.  Maybe it is the haircut.  Ron Lucas is here to do the photos  again, 
and it is going to be a great show. 
Paula Seeker is here, wearing a shirt from the Butternut Bread wrappers,  
and so is Jerry Graham.  With this group, it has to be a fun day. I see  Bill 
Basu is working the crowd, and lots of laughs. Terri Miles Green brought  
Jesse with her, and I see that Gloria Rice is here today, I donâ??t remember  
seeing her yesterday.
SUN Judge: Mrs. Jennifer Root 
Puppy, 6-9 Months Dogs. 
110 SAT ___3____ SUN _______ 
Mar Haven's Black Magic. DN24344201.  02/11/2009. Breeder: Frank & 
Carolyn Martello, Doris Estabrook. By: Ch  Trafalgar's Full Throttle - 
Ch Mar Haven's Black Magic. Owner: Bob &  Darlene Ghigleri. Agent: 
Bill Basu. 
111 SAT ____2___ 
Victory's Wincredible. DN23614406. 12/15/2008.  Breeder: Ken & 
Katherine Tank. By: Ch Garter's EMale Fran-Jo Annelsle -  Flusstanz 
Sensation Of Victory. Owner: Katherine & Ken Tank & Sandy  Barnes. 
Agent: Ken Tank. 
112 SAT _1____ SUN __1_____ 
Annimus Mac The Knite. DN23819901.  02/14/2009. Breeder: Hallie 
McMullen. By: Ch Sater Nordlicht Hardrive - Ch  Van Cleeves Ella 
Fitzgerald. Owner: Mitch & Mellisa  McCulley.

113 SAT _______ SUN _______ 
Rocky Von Zoni.  DN24470808. 02/05/2009. Breeder: P Mazzoni. By: 
Yasko Vom Fleischerheim -  Sarah Von Zoni. Owner: P Mazzoni.

12-18 Months Dogs. 
114 SAT _______ SUN _______ 
Kimber's Coldplay. DN21885204. 06/26/2008.  Breeder: Kim Schooley, 
Tracy Radigan & Ben Bigornia. By: Ch Cross Timers  San Francisgogh - 
Scarab's Wild Ecstacy Jezra. Owner: Kim & Dan  Schooley. 
115 SAT _1______ SUN __1_____ 
Lorien's Leverage V Cantar. DN22592801.  08/14/2008. Breeder: 
Georgette Lilley, Twyla Miner, Robert A. Alcantara, Jr.  By: Ch Lorien's 
- Ch Geor-Jan's Onstar. Owner: Twyla Miner &  Robert A. 
Alcantara, Jr. 
116 SAT _______ SUN _______ 
Jake Von Zoni. DN21847301. 05/25/2008.  Breeder: P. Mazzone. By: 
Gello von Lear - Ch Zoni V Lair Of Totana Piper  Hill. Owner: Paul Mazzoni. 
Novice Dogs. 
117 SUN ___1____ 
Nike Clayfield Paladin Romeo HT. DN18898204.  02/14/2007. Breeder: Dr 
Gloria S Rice, Sharlonna McGaha, Debra Kaser, Joyce  Shlep. By: Ch Nike 
Clayfield Cassanova, HT PT HCT JHD CGC TC - Mariner's  Diva Dâ??â??Arte. 
Owner: Breeders 
Bred By Exhibitor Dogs. 
118 SAT _______ 
Norhouse-Dream Come True Thunder Road. DN18853007.  08/03/2007. 
Breeder: Eric Norby & Joan Intersimone & Bradley Sipp.  By: New Era's 
- Norhaus Gabrielle Of Dream Come True. Owner: Eric  Norby & Joan 
Intersimone. Agent: Eric Norby. 
American Bred Dogs.

119 SAT __2_____ SUN ____2___  
Backachers Cowboy Kid. DN21326004. 01/07/2008. Breeder: Richard &  
Elizabeth Sottile. By: Ch Marhaven's Last Cowboy Song - Kurdel  
FlyLikeTheWind V Bkachers. Owner: Sharon Pratt. Agent: Raul Carrillo. 
120 SAT _______ SUN _______ 
Utopia's Gallant Yancy. DN13162602.  09/30/2005. Breeder: Kathy 
Aubrey/Debra Kaser. By: Utopia's Encore For  Mariner - Utopia's Cranberry. 
Owner: Earl James. 
121 SAT _______ SUN _______ 
Sutake Of Angelrun. DN15782002. 08/26/2006.  Breeder: Gail Caldwell & 
Jackie Ambrose. By: Ch Backachers Chancellor V  Almar - Angelrun's 
Sarsaparillo. Owner: Richard Sotille & Gail Caldwell. 
122 SAT __3_____ SUN ____1___ 
Mariner's Black Angus. DN14354504.  04/12/2006. Breeder: Debra Kaser 
& Joyce Shelp. By: Utoia's Smooth As  Ice - Ch Mariner's Aria D'Arte. 
Owner: Debra Kaser & Joyce Shelp. 
123 SAT _1 WD______ SUN _3______ 
Mar Haven's Ace of Spades. DN19541701.  08/29/2007. Breeder: Carolyn 
Martello. By: Ch Karizma's Nicaragua -  MarHaven's Southrern Nights. 
Owner: Collette Skinner & Debra Kaser,  Carolyn Martello.

Open Dogs.

124 SAT _1 RWD______ SUN  _2 RWD______ 
LouRo's Noah V Caraland. DN10348710. 03/03/2005. Breeder: Louis  
Christina & Jack Newton. By: Ch Caraland's-Survival Magellan - Ch Lace  
Of Lou-Ro. Owner: Pat & Cheryl Draper & JackNewton, L Christina.  
Agent: Jerry Guzman. 
125 SAT _______ SUN _______ Scherazar's Mirage V Shagen HT. DN07900104.  
05/23/2004. Breeder: 
Janice L Staley. By: Ch Karagin's HoodlumOf Castlehill  - Ch Scherazar's 
Zoria. Owner: Gene & Sharon Pico. Agent: Raul  Carrillo.

126 SAT _2______ SUN ___1 WD___BOW_ 
Eagle Hills  Cabernet Sauvignon. DN11042402. 05/06/2005. Breeder: 
Peter & Rhonda  Cacioppo. By: Ch Pinebuck's Kidd Carson - Eagle Hill's 
Sail Ahead. Owner:  Breeder Agent: Sheryl Brockett. 

127 SUN ___3____  
Paladin Sirius Nike Clayfield HT. DN00900204. 05/18/2002. Breeder: 
Dr  Gloria S Rice & Sharlonna C McGaha. By: Ch Nike Clayfield Casanova 
HTPT  HCT JHD CGC TC - Ch Paladin Amelia Earhart Castlehill HT PT HCT JHD 
CGC TC.  Owner: Breeders 
Winners Dog _123_____ Reserve ______ Points__3__ Dogs___9_____ 
Winners Dog _126_____ Reserve __124____ Points___3_____  Dogs__9______ 
Division 9 Point Scale For Dogs: 
2 = 1 Pt 9 = 2 Pts 15 = 3  Pts 17 = 4 Pts 21 = 5 Pts 
Puppy, 6-9 Months Bitches. 
128 SAT ___1____ SUN ___1__BEST PUPPY__ 
Clayfield Scarab Madison.  DN24226501. 12/10/2008. Breeder: Sharon & 
Michael Avery, Ben Bigorinia,  Isabelle Dupzyk. By: Ch Woodsides The 
Bounty Hunter - Ch Tebe Nobe Bodacious  Rivendell HT. Owner: Bob & 
Darlene Ghigleri. Agent: Bill Basu. 
12-18 Months Bitches. 
129 SAT _______ SUN _______ 
Asgard's Jill. DN22958402. 08/17/2008.  Breeder: Evan & Tedi 
Ginsburg. By: Ch Encore-Asgardâ??â??s O'Conner - We  Love DuChien's Honey Be 
Good. Owner: Jacque & Tom Philippbar. 
130 SAT _______ SUN _______ 
Starlight's Masquerade Of Backachers.  DN22447906. 07/15/2000. 
Breeder: Richard and Elizabeth Sottile. By: Ch  Backachers Whalen V Jericho 
Kurdelflylikethe Wind v Bkachers. Owner:  Sharon Pratt & Jessica 
Jager. Agent: Raul Carrillo. 
131 SAT _2______ SUN __4_____ 
TjR's-Animus A Torrid Affair PT.  DN22019406. 05/13/2008. Breeder: 
Hallie McMullen. By: Ch Signaure's Cooper V  Knaufhill - Ch Rivendell's 
On The Money HSAs. Owner: Theresa Royer &  Hallie McMullen. 
132 SAT __1_RWB____ SUN _______ 
Steppenwind DG V Cantar. DN22262601.  05/03/2008. Breeder: Liane 
Fossland & Robert Alcantara Jr. By: Ch  Kenlyn's Coach HiCliff Kaleef - Ch 
Mar Havens Wind Beneath My Wings. Owner:  Michael Burk & Robert A 
Alcantara Jr. 
133 SAT _3______ SUN ___1____ 
Kimber's Sweet Escape. DN21885202.  06/26/2008. Breeder: KiM 
Schooley, Tracy Radigan & Ben Bigornia. By: Ch  Cross Timbers San 
- Scarab's Wild Ecstacy Jezra. Owner: Kim  Schooley. Agent: Cindy 
134 SUN ___3____ 
Treasure Ranch Brandy. DN21165305. 04/05/2008.  Breeder: Laura L. 
Thomas. By: Ch Nike Clayfield Casanova P.T. - Treasure's  Unchained 
Melody. Owner: Laura L. Thomas. 
135 SAT _______ SUN _______ 
WeLoveDuChien's Circe Of Stoneway.  DN22215804. 12/13/2008. Breeder: 
K. Kerner, J Moebius, R Eaton. By: Ch  KenlynKaleef's Hudson v Anneisle 
- WeLoveDuChiens Be All You Can. Owner: E.  and T. Ginsburg. 
136 SAT _4______ SUN ___2____ 
Yoncalla's Soul Survivor V Merivern.  DN21478101. 03/13/2008. Breeder: 
Vincent M Imhoff & Thomas D Pryor. By:  Yoncalla's Make My Day V 
Lealynn - Krissd's Latte Of Merivern. Owner: Robert  & Linda Freeny.

Bred By Exhibitor Bitches. 
137 SAT __2_____ 
Treasure Ranch Brandy. DN21165305. 04/05/2008.  Breeder: Laura L. 
Thomas. By: Ch Nike Clayfield Casanova P.T. - Treasure's  Unchained 
Melody. Owner: Laura L. Thomas. 
138 SAT _______ 
Dream Come True-Norhaus Dirty Dancing. DN21039001.  12/10/2007. 
Breeder: Joan Intersimone & Eric Norby. By: New Era's Tarzan  - Witmer's 
Exodia Of Vanderwerth. Owner: Joan Intersimone & Eric Norby.  Agent: 
Eric Norby. 
139 SAT _1______ SUN ____1___ 
Mariner's Rhyme Of Shadow Acres.  DN20367401. 07/14/2007. Breeder: 
Debra Kaser, Joyce Shelp, Cindy Tellefsen,  Sheryl Brockett. By: Ch 
Kenlyn's Aires V HiCliff - Ch Mariner's Jenny From  The Block. Owner: 
Debra Kaser & Joyce Shelp, Cindy Tellefsen, Sheryl  Brockett. 
140 SUN ___2____ 
Nike Clayfield Fallen Angel NCP, HT. DN08929303.  09/09/2004. Breeder: 
Dr Gloria S Rice & Sharlonna McGaha. By: Ch Nike  Clayfield Casanova HT 
PT HCT JHD CGC TC - Nike Clayfield Winning Colors.  Owner: 
Sherry Kenachu & Breeders. 
American Bred Bitches.

141 SAT _2______ SUN ___3____  
Thompsons Nicole Kidman V Backacher. DN22447907. 07/15/2008. Breeder:  
Richard & Elizabeth Sottile. By: Ch Backachers Whaen V Jericho -  
KurdelFlyLiketheWind V Backacher. Owner: Pamela & Gary E  Thompson.

142 SAT _1______ SUN _1______ 
Shanty's Bellaigo.  DN17132001. 01/26/2007. Breeder: Sharon E Buckley 
& Jean M Lallensack.  By: Ch Karagin's Hoodlum Of Castlehill - Ch 
Shanty's Tanugeray. Owner:  Sharon Bukley & Jean Lallensack. Agent: 
Cindy Telleffsen. 
143 SAT _______ SUN _______ 
Candia's Miss Devine Ya Ya. DN02846603.  04/13/2003. Breeder: Candice 
Zumwalt. By: Avonleas Bill Of Rights V Asgard -  Ch Candia's From 
The Get Go. Owner: C Bennett & J Guay, C Zunwalt.  Agent: Tiffany 
144 SUN ___2____ 
Nike Clayfield Paladin Juliet DN18898202. 02/14/2007.  Breeder: 
Sharlonna McGaha, Dr Gloria Rice, Debra Kaser, Joyce Shelp. By: Ch  Nike 
Clayfield Casanova, HT, PT HCT JHD TC CGC - Mariner's Diva D'Arte.  
Owner: Breeders 
Open Bitches.

145 SAT _______ SUN __1 _WB NEW CHAMPION____  
Mariner's Akaya PT. DN14354505. 04/12/2006. Breeder: Debra Kaser, 
Joyce  Shelp & Cathleen Bennett. By: Utopia's Smooth As Ice - Ch 
Mariner's Aria  D'arte. Owner: Peg Graham & Debra Kaser. 
146 SUN _______ 
Nikeclayfield Keepsake Angel NCP,HT, PT, CGC,.  DN08929302. 09/09/2004. 
Breeder: Dr Gloria Rice & Sharlonna McGaha. By:  Ch Nike Clayfield 
Casanova, HT, HCT, CGC, TC - Nike Clayfield Winning  Colors. Owner: 
Elizabeth Hartwig & Sharlonna McGaha & Dr Gloria  Rice.

147 SAT _1_WB BOW_____ 
Flusstanz Sensation Of Victory.  DN13867901. 01/20/2006. Breeder: Ken 
& Kathy Tank & Lorraine Cohen.  By: Ch Elvaston's Nations Cup - Ch 
Cathlin's Azeri Of Hallmark. Owner:  Katherine & Ken Tank. Agent: 
Ken Tank. 
148 SAT __4_____ SUN _______ 
Crossroad's Candle In The Wind.  DN09606002. 10/22/2004. Breeder: C 
Bennett, J Guay,D Kaser & A Kaser.  By: Ch Rogue's Renegade - Mariners 
Three Fives. Owner: C Bennett & J  Guay, D Kaser. 
149 SAT __2_____ SUN __2 RWB_____ 
Charan's Masquerade Of Kimber.  DN12602706. 10/21/2005. Breeder: 
Angie Martin & Kim Schooley. By: Ch  Danka's Dream Catcher V Stoyland TC - 
Kimbers Faith Of Charan. Owner: Angie  Martin & Kim Schooley, Carol 

150 SAT _______ SUN  _______ 
Coastline Blackerry. DN16363701. 08/29/2006. Breeder: Jacque &  Tom 
Philippbar. By: Ch Mar Haven's Man In Black - Lorien's Morgan Le Fay.  
Owner: Jacque & Tom Philippbar.

151 SAT __3_____ SUN  __3_____ 
Donna Of Lou-Ro. DN17350408. 01/25/2007. Breeder: Louis Christina.  
By: Ch Marquis Stealing The Show - Ch Lace Of Lou-Ro. Owner: 
Samuel  Israel.

152 SUN ___4____ 
Windspirit's Major Kira HT.  DN09061306. 10/20/2004. Breeder: Sonja 
Calderon. By: Ch Alkay Spiritwind's  Blackjack - Spiritwind's Misty 
Blues. Owner: Sonja Calderon. Agent:  Sharlonna McGaha.

Winners Bitch_147_____ Reserve_132_____Points__2____ Bitches__14______ 
Winners Bitch__145____ Reserve__149____Points__3____ Bitches___18_____  
Division 9 Point Scale For Bitches: 
2 = 1 Pt 10 = 2 Pts 18 = 3 Pts 22 =  4 Pts 28 = 5 Pts 
153 SAT_______ SUN__1 BOS____ 
Ch Paladin Dream Boat, NCP, CD RE HT PT  HS HCT JHD CGC TC 8/19/2002 
DN0203403 Breeder Dr Gloria Rice, Sharlonna  McGha, Jene & Isabelle Dupzyk 
Ch Nike Clayfield Casanova, HT PT HCT  JHD CGC TC â??â??Paladin-Kansten Good 
Vibrations HT PT HCT JHD CGC TC Dog Owner:  Hazel Maloney & James & Dr 
Rice & Sharlonna McGaha 
Best Of Breed. 
154 SAT _______ SUN ___BOB____ 
Ch Jagan-Karagin-Miterhaun Ticklme-Elmo  RN. DN14655204. 03/28/2006. 
Breeder: Anne Thompson, Karen Taylor & Jerry  Gzuzman. By: Ch Karigan's 
Hoodlum Of Castlehill - Ch Jagan's Happanunoit.  Owner: Terrie Miles 
Green & Jesse W Green. Bitch Agent: Jerry Guzman. 
155 SAT _BOS______ 
Ch Backachers Soprano. DN09877405. 02/20/2005.  Breeder: Karen 
Gardner & Richard Sottile. By: Ch Pimlan's Harry Potter V  Jericho - Ch 
Backachers O'Sole Mio. Dog Owner: Karen Gardner & Rchard  Sottile. Agent: 
JR Alcantara. 
156 SAT _______ 
Ch DCT Tebe-Nobe Me & Bobby McGee. DN14205901.  02/23/2006. Breeder: 
Joan Intersimone, Eric Norby, Jene & Isabelle  Dupzyk. By: Ch Avion 
Braeburn - Dream Come True-Rivendell Janice Joplin.  Owner: Joan 
Intersimone & Eric Norby, Jene & Isabelle Dupzyk. Dog  Agent: Eric Norby.

157 SAT __BOB_____ SUN _______ 
Ch Lorien's  Pandemonium. DN12815402. 11/20/2005. Breeder: Twyla Miner, 
Georgette Lilley,  Agnes Fuchs. By: Ch TR's Antonio - Ch Geor-Jan 
Lorien's Ice Castles. Bitch  Owner: Twyla Miner & Georgette Lilley, 
Agnes Fuchs. 
158 SUN _______ 
Intl Am Ch Asgard Harley Davidson V Plamark, HT, TC,.  DN10422807. 
03/19/2005. Breeder: Jeri Plager. By: Ch Encore-Asgard's  O'Connor - 
Plamark's Electra Of Asgard. Dog Owner: Paula Cooke & Chuck  Sedgewick & 
Tedi Ginsburg. 
Best Of Breed _______ Best Of Winners _________ 
Best Of Opposite Sex To  Best Of Breed ________Best Puppy________ 
Best Of Breed ____________ Best Of Winners _______________ 
Best  Opposite Sex ______Best Puppy_____Best Opposite Puppy ____

It was a fun show and Harley looked great. I like what Jenn did, and it  
was interesting to see the dogs a second day, on different surface. I went 
into  the ring,and didnâ??t kill myself, so it is all good.  On to Labor Day.
Evan L.  Ginsburg
Asgard German Shepherds  
Where Type Movement and Temperament  come  together 

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