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  • Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 06:11:26 -0700 (PDT)

I want to thank those who wrote to support my request to start a pool of funds 
to help these poor souls escape the horrors of the gas chamber, Ip injections 
or heartsticks. And while I realize that it IS an undertaking of monumental 
proportions, I believe that with a cohesive effort and a dedication to saving 
as many as we can, we CAN make a difference! 
  To this point, I would again like to outline my suggestion that was made 
early on...
1. That everyone on the list/in the GSDCA/on OTHER GSD lists donate 2$ a month 
to a pool of funds to be held by a person elected by the list. This person 
would be responsible for accounting to the list four times a year as to the 
dispersal of funds.
Everyone needs to understand that:
   a. many times a pull fee has to be paid to get a dog who is CRITICAL out 
before they euth. This can be as little as 13$ (read my story of the same 
title) or as much as 150$ as in the case of Chance from Murray County. There is 
not always time to find a 501c3; many facilities will not give you time. They 
have specific days and times for euthing and that is IT. There were four 
puppies pulled from Roicy Duhon in Louisiana during the National at a cost of 
over 300$. I paid half and Dawn Bechtold from USAP paid the other half. 
Fortunately, I HAD the money at the time.
  b. Gasoline prices are thru the roof. We cannot continue to ask people to pay 
for gas on their own without assistance. People are volunteering time; that 
precious commodity and should be given at least SOME money toward gas.
  c. food.....if someone has to hold a dog for more than a day or two, the cost 
of feeding this animal could put an enormous strain on their budget. Money 
should be allocated to help them with feeding and any vet care necessary.
  d. EDUCATION!!!!! We need a much higher profile in the public sector than we 
currently have!!! Many of the GSD rescues I have spoken with had never heard of 
the AGSRA and did not realize they could apply to them for financial 
We NEED tables at the all breed shows like the Greyhound people, Golden people 
and other breeds have!!!! I am in touch with Cheryl Malone, the Dennis Mass ACO 
who is also on the board of the Cape Cod Kennel club to run a table for rescue 
at the Cape Cod shows in September. Jarnee is comming up from North Carolina to 
assist me in this effort! At the Bay State show we raised 150$...could have 
been more, yes....but the VISIBILITY was the key here! Like it or not, you 
reach MORE PEOPLE at an all breed show than you do at a specialty. While not 
every rescued GSD could go to a home with an inexperienced foster, there are 
always SOME who can! Right now there is a 6 month old puppy in Georgia who will 
be euthed! How hard could it be to foster him?
We need 2 people in EACH STATE to search the petfinder sites for GSD's...to 
call the shelters and be sure their rescue listings are updated. MANY shelters 
dont bother to call the rescues. They are paid per pound for euthanized dogs as 
these go to rendering plants for dog food. During the dog food scare, there was 
a missive regarding the names of the companys who TRUCK for these plants! This 
should take no more than an hour a week...we could do this rotationally as well 
thru the local breed clubs!

We need 2 people in each state to commit to doing transport; this could be on a 
rotational basis with it changing each month so that the burden would not fall 
on the same people continually.

And lastly, we need 2 people in each state (again rotationally) to offer safe 
haven to a critical dog. Hopefully, it would be a short stay....but if it 
needed to be longer, I would hope that others in that state could take a turn 
of a few days. Anything is better than the gas chamber. 

All this being said, I know we cant save everyone. But our efforts need to be 
made public...and if there is a GSD in a kill facility that CANNOT be adopted, 
we should care enough to pull him/her, take him/her out for a hamburger and 
then HUMANELY euthanize the animal! PLEASE PLEASE dont let them writhe on the 
floor in pain or be in abject terror for their last moments here!!! 
You all know that I write these four handerkerchief tear jerker stories...you 
must wonder where I get the material from...Let me tell you.
Each morning I open up over 200 emails BEGGING for just one more day for a dog 
or puppy...I am hit with graphic photos of dogs who have been tortured 
(Justice...with his mouth duct taped shut...gutted like a fish)...or Maximus 
the rottie who was set on fire recently...photos of a whole litter of GSDS who 
need transport to rescue and no one stepping up (that was this 
morning)..pictures of metal barrels full of dead dogs...seniors who have been 
abandoned by their family after being chained to a tree their whole life...My 
heart breaks for these animals...and if by sitting at this computer and putting 
the information out there, I can have a small part in saving even ONE DOG...my 
life will have been worthwhile. 
Lets get this done....and then move on to a Sanctuary....where we WILL have 
time to find forever homes...and where maybe the senior boy that Jarnee pulled 
who has cataracts, severe hip dysplaysia, is stage 4 HW positive; his heart 
enlarged but still lights up when he sees her, could rest his head and know 
love for the remainder of his days! 
Thank you to the Administrators of this list for allowing me to post those who 
society has forgotten...and thanks to the members for listening.
I remain, for the animals....
Dawn Restuccia

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