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  • From: "Carolyn Martello" <marhaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <d_fritsche@xxxxxxxxxx>, <pkstoesser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <showgsd-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2015 22:27:24 -0800

OK......NOW I want a membership CARD!!!   <G>

Carolyn  marhaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Behalf Of David Fritsche   Subject: Re: Membership
Just out of curiosity, why does a person need a GSDCA membership card???
Seriously... What do you use it for?

1. You can show it to a police officer if you get
stopped for speeding. It will not get you out of
it but if it is a K-9 unit you might have a more
pleasant conversation.
2. You can how it to the man at the movie
entrance. You will still have to pay, but they
will let the house detective know to keep an eye
on you.
3. You can take it to the Rare Breed shows and
show it around. That way they will know that you
are into real dogs and will avoid you.
4. You can take it to the next Duck's game and
they may let you herd the Ducks... Well, maybe
5. You can show it to Frank and Carolyn when you
pass through California and you may get a free
meal, but not a free white puppy!
6. If you do pass through California, it is a good
idea. If Jerry Brown tries to stop you, he will
only be trying to extract more taxes. Keep moving!
7. You can show it at the gate and get free
admission to any GSDCA dog show. This is so great!

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