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This is for those that think "Humane" Societies are benign and just want to
do "good" for the animals.......This sort of stuff goes on all across the
country, and will only get worse as more and more "animal control" agents
are trained by HSUS....btw, if anyone knows someone in NY that can help this
man please let him know.
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    > OK, I've told this story to select individuals who gave me their
    support and advice, but haven't had the energy to follow through on it.
    is about time I told the list. I wasn't ready to talk about this --
    I'm so angry and it is so obvious that they are using illegal tactics
    because there is no legal way they can stop me from farming, or make me
    move away.
    The story behind this is that I have a sicko neighbor who wants my
    land and house, and offered me $1,000 for all (no kidding -- that's what
    he offered) for me to leave him the house. I said "no" and he outlined
    things he would do to make life difficult for me, then carried them
    I found out that he's made hundreds of false criminal complaints
    against me, all the time while he was pulling out my fence-posts, making
    harassing phone-calls, running heavy equipment over my drainage fields,
    directing the phone company to put his commercial phone line through my
    garden, battering my fences with heavy machinery to snap off fence
    letting my sheep loose and then complaining about them being loose, etc.
    Got no help from the police, sheriff or DA's office. Only recently had a
    good talk with the State Police and got a clear picture of what was
    happening, (I generally see the State Troopers as being more
professional than
    the others).
    Was told that they can't arrest my neighbor because District Attorney
    Dodd, and specifically the ADA assigned to this area, DA Cianfarano,
    refuse to prosecute him. Individual troopers and deputies have said to
    outright that "DA Cianfarano says we can't arrest David Bartoszewski
    unless he confesses in advance." Sheriff Todd told me that Bartoszewski
    is his best hunting buddy and can not be prosecuted and will never be
    found guilty. So much for that.
    I think Bartoszewski really blew it when he made threatening calls to
    health inspectors because they had not "closed down" my legal
    activities. My neighbor no longer has credibility with the Health
Department, the Department of Environmental Conservation or the State
Troopers because of some rather forceful and false accusations he made
against me. For instance, he told the DEC that my sheep were
    polluting Lake Ontario, and the agent who came up here expected to see
    cows and a lagoon of manure, and counted only nine small sheep. He made
    point of giving me the complaint number and telling me how to file a
    Freedom of Information claim in NYS to get a copy -- the DEC report
    is quite funny (to me, anyway).
    Thirty days after the State Troopers talked with Cornell and decided
    my sheep were not being abused (April 2007), apparently my neighbor
    or one of his associates called in the Oswego County Humane Society
    has not filed its charitable organization papers in NYS for the past
    three years -- very suspicious for an organization that has collection
    tins for donations on every store counter in the County). The ADA's law
    partner is also the president and a director of this In-Humane society.
    Several people told me that I should stop telling people that I am
    disabled, because a lot of people do not comprehend disability --
    that just because one is unable to work a 40 hour week of gainful
    employment does not mean that one needs to be warehoused in a nursing
    There are people who wring their hands and want the disabled to stop
    farming because they couldn't possibly be doing it right, or need to be
    saved from their suffering, or some other foolish excuse. Fact is, many
    people just don't understand, and would like disabled people to be
    somewhere out of sight, out of mind.
    I am disabled. I went to great lengths to learn about the types and
    methods of livestock raising that would work for me. I talked to a
    lot of elderly and/or disabled people who manage their animals
    differently and lead fulfilling, if slightly "different," lives. I did
not go
    into this life choice casually.
    I am not Martha Stewart, and if Martha Stewart were disabled it
    wouldn't change her life at all, because she would still have her
    doing all her work for her and keeping up appearances.
    I recently heard about a respected aviculturist in Florida who was
    raided by a humane society while she was away at an avian convention.
    Most people can't afford the legal bills and threats of criminal
    charges -- and unbelievable lies -- so they give up (and turn over
thousands of
    dollars of critters to these false humane societies -- which make a
    off of them -- as has happened repeatedly in Florida). In this caes, the
    president of the American Federation of Aviculture stepped in to
    investigate because he found it disturbing that an affiliate member
    was accused of shocking animal abuse -- it took several organizations,
    many fund-raisers, an avian vet and the president of the AFA to show
    that the "humane society" hadn't a clue how to care for birds, did in
    kill, damage and abuse the birds they confiscated, and that all the
    charges against the aviculturist were false. In many cases, even if a
    person can afford the legal fees, they can't get all their animals back
    because they have died at the hands of these In-Humane people.
    Several people told me that they are afraid to speak up for me,
    because they are small farmers or employees of companies which could be
    hurt by these people. Seriously, they are afraid of groups of dishonest
    people harassing them and creating false complaints. At a certain point,
    stopped visiting some friends' farms and decided not to take my
    sheep to graze at one commercial farm, because some In-Humane nut might
    follow me there and cause trouble that could affect their livelihood.
    disabled, I'm not making a living off of my farm, and at least the
damage is
    contained here. This will cost me at least $800 in feed costs --
    making it even less likely that I could make a living off of my farm.
    What these In-humane-societies amount to is economic agricultural
    I'm just living my life. I was told that I am more of a target,
    because the same pea-brains who don't want people to own domesticated
    animals of any sort, certainly don't want DISABLED people to own animals
of any
    sort -- certainly not farm animals! And of course I EAT my farm animals
    too -- which must seem especially horrific and degrading to the
pea-brains from the In-Humane society. BTW, when they have spoken to me,
they speak as if I am a naughty retarded child. Took them a while to catch
on that I am not a retarded child.
    I am in a very public spot -- on a corner on a highway. I like to
    see teenage boys come by to talk to the donkey, and call out to
    me "Hey! Your Donkey is cool!". I like to talk with the people jogging
by who
    stop in wonder because I can call my ducks and geese and they come
    to follow me through a maze of garden fences, or while I am sitting in
    a garden chair with a baby lamb in my lap and a big white dog
    snuggling up under my arm. I don't usually mind people coming up and
    photographing the animals. I have become wary, though, since I was
warned that
    some "PETA People" will target one place and then try their darndest to
    onto that place and find an excuse to bring charges of cruelty against a
     person. They will lie, cheat, steal and trespass to do so.
    Sometimes they profit from these situations. They do go so far as to
    animals from farms and later accuse the farmer of abuse --
    it has happened to real people - -it still happens. I mentioned
    this to the State Trooper who took my complaint when the lamb
    went "missing."
    So, what happened here in Oswego County?
    On May 4th 2007 while I was out, my fence mysteriously fell down on
    the bad-neighbor's side the same day that the president of the In-Humane
    society mysteriously happened to drive by and see my sheep out --
    she just happens to be the law-partner of the ADA who coddles my
neighbor --
    and she called in the sheriff's deputy, deputy Kandt, who built a
    fence across my driveway and rearranged my barn and water buckets. I
    came home at 3PM to this mess and was threatened by deputy Kandt with
    if I interfered with "an officer in the line of duty" or some such rot.
    He continued to build the fence across my driveway, after I told him
    that he might damage my water pipes and was blocking the entrance to my
    home. He demanded my driver's license and social security number, and I
    it to him. When I asked who she was -- this woman in a suit and high-
    heeled pumps standing on my posted land behind the deputy, whispering
    directions in his ear -- he started spouting items of NYS Agricultural
    Market law, claiming my animals had no food or water (if they had put
    nine sheep back in the pen they were released from, there were thousands
    of pounds of baleage and 40 gallons of water just sitting there).
    This was an effort to cover their asses -- trespass is permitted in NYS
    done to save the life of an animal in distress. She didn't identify
    They ransacked my barn for tools, let my sheep into the grain so
    they could founder, put two rams face to face in the barn, and took six
    of my cattle panels and several posts to build a fence across my
    driveway, when they could have fixed one or two cattle panels in the
original pen
    and put the sheep safely away back there. Took all the water buckets out
    of my barn and lined them up in front of the barn -- which looked pretty
    strange. How low, how wasteful, and how idiotic do people have to
    be to belong to the In-Humane society?
    Next day at 9AM, May 5th 2007, the same sarcastic deputy Kandt, more
    deputies and a mob of In-Humane people drove into my driveway. I was
    that if I did not let them in to inspect my animals, they would come
    with a warrant. I told them to come back with a warrant. Deputy
    Kandt shouted something about how they can't wait too long while my
    animals were "wasting away and dying of starvation," and I got so angry,
I used
    my very loud public-speaking voice to tell him that he was a "complete
    moron," and invited their large-animal vet in to inspect the animals and
    questions, but told the rest of them to leave. Their own vet decided
     the animals were in good condition and not abused (heck, he was
    inspecting some of the finest rock-cornish game hens ever raised in this
    county -- which were on their way to become dinner at a friend's
house -- I
    bet he had never seen such fine meat birds! ). My donkey came up to say
    hello, the other animals were wary but not unfriendly. Vet told me that
    when people were watching you, you had to have visible food and water
    out at all times to make them happy (GRRRR -- you aren't supposed to
    meat birds just before slaughter -- tell that to the vegetarians from
    hell, please! In fact, with meat chicks, you are supposed to withhold
    feed from them for 12 out of every 24 hours or they will die of heart
    and ascites!).
    Last straw was, 90 hours after their own vet cleared me, I got a
    call on my unlisted phone at 9PM at night from a director of the Oswego
    County Humane Society, directing me to surrender my animals to them.
    woman, Diane Broadwell, kept insisting on telling me just what their
    president, Kristin Shanley, claimed she saw in my barn, and I kept
telling her
    that I didn't care what she SAID she saw in my barn (where she was
    trespassing, btw). Diane KEPT insisting. Anyway, I ended up hearing it
    Kristin Shanley says that my donkey was tied up so it could not reach
    water (donkey was in fact free in a 27 ft long indoor pen and wasn't
    wearing a halter, and had a bucket of water at all times), that the PIGS
    kept in a tiny cardboard box so they could barely move (Diane told me
    that Kristin Shanley burst into tears at this point, at the thought of
    those poor little pigs stuffed in a box so tight they could not
move!) ---
    pigs in a cardboard box? Have you tried to contain a 100 lb pig in a
    cardboard box, never mind four of them??? and so on.
    I stated that I was not surrendering my animals and what they were
    doing was unethical, to say the least. And Kristin Shanley was lying.
    Diane Broadwell then tried to intimidate me, saying that Kristin Shanley
    was a lawyer, then that Kristin Shanley was the law partner of the ADA,
    then that the DA allowed Kristin Shanley to prosecute animal abuse cases
    in Oswego County. When I stood firm about not surrendering my
    animals or allowing them to interfere with my animals, she threatened me
    said that the sheriff's department had it on record that my animals had
    no food or water, and would be checking in on me. (BTW, deputy Kandt had
    told me on May 5th that he didn't need a warrant to walk anywhere on my
    posted land . . . ).
    The sheriff's department refused to comment - - a couple of the
    supervisors asked me if I was the person that they took a whole mob
    of people to visit, and when I said yes, they said that they refused
    to touch that one and that I should talk with the deputy's supervisor.
    a while, but found out that the sheriff's department lost all interest
    the case when the veterinarian declared my animals well-cared for.
    Did I mention that I called NYS Attorney General's office and
    found out that the Humane Society of Oswego County was three years
    delinquent in their filings as a charitable organization? Did I mention
that I
    got a phone call from a certain neighbor (not the big jerk, the little
    jerk who goes to the senior center breakfasts every morning) trying to
    reassure me that she was "always" my friend (I'm not sure, but I think
that she
    is a relative of officer Kandt, as well as an associate of Diane
Broadwell, but
    won't swear to it).
    What really slows me down is that I AM disabled, and it is difficult for
    me to make complaints, write letters, keep track of nonsense and also
    my life while caring for my animals and my self. I wanted to compose a
    really nice letter and post it on the list and send it to the
    but didn't feel up to it over the past 7 weeks or so. So, here I am
    spitting it out to you on the sheep-list. I'm sure that Diane Broadwell
    and Christin Shanley are lurking on this list, -- perhaps not under
    their own names. Christin didn't have the guts to identify herself when
    she was trespassing on my land and coaching the deputy to make false
    accusations against me, either, on May 4th 2007.
    In my opinion, these are cowardly, mean-spirited and politically-
    motivated people. They have a reputation for having added $30,000 to the
    coffers of the Humane Society of Oswego in the past few years, and
    done squat to help animals or people. They don't mention if they have
    paid employees -- most humane societies make a point of disclosing this
    information up-front on their websites and in their literature
    (there is a genuine Oswego County Animal Welfare League which does
    right -- these people were not from them). When my lamb disappeared on
    Sunday, my first thought was that Diane Broadwell, Christin Shanley, or
    affiliate might have decided to try a typical In-Humane strategy
    used on targeted farms and individuals. I don't know who took my lamb, I
    only know that they behaved unethically in the past and I no longer have
    any respect for their ability to act ethically right now.
    This is why I can't graze my sheep on free pasture away from my
    home, and why I am now paying for hay to be delivered to my house. For
    of you in Texas and Australia, it isn't legal to shoot a firearm over
    someone's head in NYS, and it isn't legal or forgiveable to physically
    threaten someone (although my bad neighbor gets away with it all the
time --
    did I mention that Bartoszewski has a reputation for charging at people
    with heavy machinery and trucks?).
    These people trespass, lie and steal and they can't be arrested in
    Oswego County, NY. I don't know where my missing lamb is. I have
    The above is the truth to the best of my knowledge and belief.
    June 28, 2007.
    Go ahead and distribute this to any list and any newspaper you care to.
    > Chris Squires
    > Little Biddy Farm
    > Hannibal, NY
    > Oswego County
    > USA
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