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Below is an email from a breeder in FL... names have been removed to protect
the innocent. WAKE UP PEOPLE. This is happening everywhere! 

I can only say, I am glad I do not have children... because in 10 short
years this country will not be a place I want to be, nor will it be a place
I would want a child to endure. 

The pet industry is now the 7th largest retail segment in the country, with
sales expected to top $50 BILLION by next year. It is time to take OUR
industry back from the AR Wackos!!!

And it has to start with the local commissioners.. they ARE elected, and
therefore they can be UN-elected! Get people in there that will not zone us
out of existence to begin with. Attend zoning meetings and vociferously
voice objections to these attempts.

Ginger Cleary, Rome, GA
All dreams of fairness, become dreams of tyranny..Andrew Klavan

-----Original Message-----
, I  don't want to stop breeding, but outsiders have no idea what is
happening here in Florida, for instance with the AR's in some areas
conspiring with animal control go suddenly pull all breeder licenses and
give breeders who have had commercial breeding licenses for decades only 30
days to get their dog numbers down to some absurd number.  For instance just
four counties down from us in Pasco County this was done to over 100
breeders over a year ago, most of whom had had legal kennel licenses for up
to 50 dogs for many decades.
> And one long time breeder that I know down there was crying on the phone
to me as she had kept quite a few of her older dogs as pets, and there was
no way that anyone would take an 11 year old dog with major health problems
into a pet home.  And some of her dogs had mental problems--it happens--so
she had never tried to place them at all.
> But if she didn't get down to under ten dogs in under 30 days then the
county was going to come in and round them all of her dogs over nine in
number and kill them all!
> The Pasco County  breeders hurriedly organized and sued and whole mess
still hasn't been resolved.  But these breeders are mostly older people who
had counted on having kennel income into their retirement.
> Some are show/hobby and some are more commercial, but all were USDA
inspected and never had an inkling that this could happen to them in so
short of a time.  And I suspect that this was all over real estate values,
as that area was experiencing rapid expansion of suburban housing from the
Tampa Bay area, with lots of higher priced subdivisions coming into to what
had previously been rural agricultural land.  But now that the Florida land
boom has gone bust
> perhaps we won't be seeing as much of this type of thing happening.
> But in the next quite rural county over from us--just across the
river--there is a so called "rescue" that is answering ads for puppies,
coming onto the kennel prremises pretending to be a buyer, and then the
"rescue" comes back a few days later with a county sheriff's deputy car
sitting out on the road--not on the property itself--and the woman from the
"rescue" then tells the breeder--who is usually an older, rural woman who
does not know her legal rights as a
> breeder in Florida--that the breeder has broken the Florida pet lemon law
by advertising puppies for sale under 8 weeks old who do not have their
health certificates yet.  And the breeder is then threatened that if she
does not immediately sign over the whole litter to the "rescue,"  then the
sheriff's deputy will arrest her for breaking the
> pet lemon law!
> Now my vet says that this is NOT Florida's pet lemon law at all, as it's
in the best interest of the puppy to try to line up a buyer as soon as
possible.  But now many newspapers will suddenly not take ads for puppies
that are not 8 weeks old and who don't have their health certificates yet,
as apparently these newspapers have become convinced by someone in the
rescue/shelter industry that this is the legal interpretation of the pet
lemon law.  And why that county's sheriff's office is going along with this
"theft by taking" I have no idea.  But this "rescue" has gotten quite a few
purebred litters to sell this
> way, and this is only a few miles away from me, but fortunately in another
> And we never allow buyers to come to the kennel anymore, but meet at a
local fast food place instead, with lots of shady parking, good food, clean
bathrooms and great cell phone reception. This is mainly to keep disease out
of the kennel, as well as to keep AR's away.
> And we have had a lot of just plain old purebred dog thefts around here,
and the thieves will just shoot the guard dogs at the gate and come in and
take what they want--anything of value including purebred puppies and even
their dams.  And it doesn't seem to matter if you are home or not, so we are
seeing more and more armed robberies that are called "home invasions" here.
So we rarely leave the property without someone being here--and we are
lifelong NRA members.
> And someone is going to get killed over all of this very soon around here,
and I'm sure that it will be the breeders who will be made to look like the
bad guy, no matter who is at fault.  But I do not want to spend my
retirement in fear of either being robbed, getting shot at, or being
threatened with jail over breeding dogs.
> And my advice to the dog fancy--WAKE UP!  These types of things are
already happening to show/hobby kennels around here too--not just the
commercial breeders.
> Of course here in Florida every breeder is suppose to a commercial breeder
due to the requirement to collect sales tax on anything that you sell over
your two allowed "garage sales" per year.  So the state can come after you
for not collecting sales tax on your puppy sales--which is a felony.  But
once you do start collecting sales tax the Florida Dept of Revenue contacts
either your city or county gov't and lets them know that you are selling
puppies, so you have to get a local occupational license too--and to do that
you have to be correctly zoned for a kennel--and most of the small
residential lots here in Florida are not corectly zoned for dog kennels.
> And we have six acres here and can barely legally fit the kennels into our
county's 100 foot "set backs" from our property lines that are required for
any and all animal shelters, whether chickens, horses or cows or dogs.  And
another county two counties south of us tried to restrict kennel licensing
to only properties of ten acres or more--but that got squelched after a lot
of breeder protesting.  And we are currently correctly zoned and legally
licensed as a kennel, and we do collect and report sales tax quarterly.  But
you cannot afford to do this with just a few dogs lying around on the couch!
> The AR attack is relentless, helped by all of the "do-gooders" who feel
that no dogs should be bred at all until all shelter dogs are "adopted."  I
was told this by one of the volunteers at the thrift store of one of our
local humane societies, and I could not make her believe that many "rescues"
are now just money making scams, and that
> there are over 200 "rescues" operating in the State of Massachusetts
alone, with one in the Boston areaa making well over a million and a half
dollars so far, with no physical facilities and all volunteers.
> This particular rescue gets all of their dogs for free from Southern
shelters, and of course they do have costs to transport them to
Massachusetts.  But this could not possibly cost what they take in in
revenue, and they sell their shelter dogs for more than I get for my
carefully bred little companion dogs.
> And I was asked to be on the board of this particular local humane
society, but finally declined, as the attitude toward me as a breeder by
most of the people who volunteer there was just too negative for me to deal
with.  I still do shop there at the thrift store, and I have made friends
with the director, who has never had any animal experience before at all,
but has had lots of retail experience, and she has made a great success of
the thrift store.  And I'm trying to educate the director at least, as to
what's what in the dog and cat world.  But it's difficult.
> It's all becoming a bit much, and when fighting to retain my right to
breed dogs begins to totally consume my retirement--and I am almost to that
point now--then that will be the time to stop.


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