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Steve Grainger
EarthLink Revolves Around You.

 For some time I and others have discussed what could we do to improve 
marketing of the PC...with yesterdays' "Ain't it a shame" post...I felt it 
would be a good time to give some possible "tangible" suggestions for 
increasing membership within the club...and again for the PC to again  have a 
unified membership. Desperation is never a good marketing tool. fighting openly 
on the List about club business in front of non-members is not a way to 
increase membership. Letting non-members access information on the PC 
website..such as National results with photos...other show wins..and the 
pedigree archive is giving too much away to non-members. We need to adopt the 
attitude that this is an organization that is worth belonging to..and we need 
to market it the same way. We are too worried about disenfranchisement, 
litigation and the like. yet many have chosen to disenfranchise themselves from 
the PC. I would like to list some suggestions that Steve and I have put 
together  that might 
 be helpful in marketing the GSDCA and increasing membership. these ideas are 
not necessarily our original ideas..but have come from many different 
sources..most from knowledgeable people that we both respect in the breed. I am 
certain that some suggestions will be met with "We can't" or "that won't work" 
..but I bet to differ...I would be willing to predict..that if most were 
implemented..we would see a more productive and growing GSDCA. Below are some 
1) we adopt full membership and associate membership program.
       a) full membership has all privileges...only a nominal fee if any for 
seminars..plus a new perk" the GSDCA List"(see below) b) associates can't vote 
and don't receive the Review, or ballots or be a part of the new GSDCA List. 
they will pay a nominal yearly membership fee...and a  fee to attend seminars. 
c) The associate membership should be promoted to pet buyers as a way to 
support the breed in all aspects, conformation, all performance venues and 
education. Most love the breed and would be willing to support it annually..if 
it is marketed in that manner..I think many pet buyers would contribute. this 
needs to be done at a grassroots level..breeders within the PC need to promote 
the GSDCA at the associate level..who knows..some may then opt for full 
membership. Perhaps as an incentive..an reward gave be given to the breeder who 
signs the most members up...say something like 2 premium seats at the National. 
 A new revised promotional brochure needs to be in the AKC pac
 ket..listing the benefits of full and associate membership in the GSDCA.

2) a GSDCA "list" should be formed..you have access to it as a  full PC member 
only. this way..club business, the NIS, elections and other information that 
should only be known by members isn't shared with non-members. If you want to 
be "in the loop" then you can pay your dues  to the GSDCA and give your 
opinions. the current List  as we know it..should then refrain from discussing 
PC business. this  new GSDCA list membership is again for full members 
only...and should be considered a "perk" for being a member. it will allow you 
to have a part in discussing the future of the GSDCA.
3)The only sections of the GSDCA website that can be accessed by non-members 
are,breeders directory, handlers, Review info, products and upcoming shows and 
National info and forms...all other info is for membership only. The pedigree 
portion of the PC site is a valuable tool..much work goes into updating..and 
keeping this archive of pedigrees..it should be worth GSDCA dues to be able to 
use it. Show results..especially the National should be  the same...if you want 
to know who has won the next day ..or see the picture of the gv, gvx and 
Selects..thanks to Bill's frequent updating....then pay your dues yearly..it is 
worth it..

4) WDA members should be required to maintain an a minimum  associate 
membership in the GSDCA. The PC has worked in partnership with them..and we are 
open to promoting all aspects of the GSD..then they too should show support for 
all aspects of the GSD. I understand the we do their packet mailings for them 
and have also helped them financially in other ways.This not to "convert" them 
into conformation exhibitors..but to show solidarity for the breed...working 
together for a common good.

5)In order to maintain a full membership in the GSDCA..one educational seminar 
a year must be attended. This can be about conformation, obedience,Schutzhund, 
handling, reproduction, or open forum discussions about the GSD, etc. With the 
extra revenue generated from associate dues..the PC can perhaps have another  
seminar in addition to the one they have with the National..Perhaps some 
regional clubs would be willing to have them also. would be nice  if Purina or 
another dog food company could help support an educational seminar in 
conjunction with futurities or other shows. 
6) OR..if number 5 is too extreme in thinking for some members...how about 
this..if you are a "Breeders Code signer" then you must attend 1 educational 
seminar per year as listed in point 5. the breeders code needs to have a bit 
more "meat" to it. it is in need of revision..Some examples are as 
follows:..a)."A stud dog owner should refuse to breed a bitch of poor 
quality...yet there is no provision for offering a stud dog of poor quality to 
the public. . b) a bitch owner can't breed a bitch more than 3 times in a row" 
To me..that is a personal choice..a bitch could have 3 litters with one puppy 
in each..also many repro. vets feel bitches should be breed more 
consecutively...again..not the business of the PC...c) A disclaimer needs to be 
placed on the PC site that a breeders code signer has not been inspected...and 
is not endorsed by the PC. d) there should be no guarantee of a repeat breeding 
to a bitch..I can think of incidents where a repeat would not be 
 ot the PC's business. Make the breeders code mean more..and education to 
it...guidelines for maintainence and care of dogs...and make sure that signers 
are adhering to those guidelines..and it will have more merit.

The above are ideas are to consider and to improve marketing of the GSDCA and 
the breed we love. Again..being a GSDCA member and a breeders code signer 
should be an honor...and we need to market it as such. If some of you fear that 
some will leave..or will will disenfranchise some...then so be it. No one can 
be disenfranchised if they join...you can only make yourself disenfranchised if 
you don't join as either a full member or associate member. I am expecting 
fallout from this..but again..these are a collective group of ideas...given by 
several people...all of which have the best for the GSDCA and the breed at 
heart. C.Grainger

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