[ SHOWGSD-L ] Re: GSD faces euthanazia due to owner's death

  • From: Jen Proud <proudk911@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Carolyn Martello <marhaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 17:39:11 -0600

Well what is right is right and opinions don't count here, Carolyn!   Too
bad that shelter doesn't see it that way...
How horrifying for the citizens of Berkley.  There's nothing else I can
say, but
AMEN when it comes to my dogs having rights when they work to take care of
me instead!    If it weren't for all MY money they spend, I wouldn't have
to go out and work a job at all! I could stay home and just collect my
pension!! (But then I'd be stir-crazy- Hey OT... But... FB you're bored and
need a greeter job at your local Walmart to keep you busy!  Make sure to
wear navy & khaki or you might end up on one of those Walmart photo sites
though! LMAO)
Carolyn, if we as people are only "caretakers" of companion animals out
there in Cali, what provisions are there to circumvent "informed consent"
as a "caretaker" cannot make medical decisions for the principal, nor
financial... You know where I'm going though!  So how does that "go"?  I
sure hope these unanswerable questions are quickly posed, so governments
can see that changing a pet from a possession to an independent entity with
individual rights won't be working out so good, when people can't leash
their dog anymore to keep it from being hit by a car, causing an accident
with the school bus oncoming and killing many, because "he didn't want to
wear a leash and I can't legally make him anymore" thanks to laws like
these. Mark my words, once the human damages start piling up due to
idiocies as these, people will be calling for the once-such-a-great-idea to
be rescinded promptly. Wonder how that dog at-large who caused, yet escaped
injury in the accident, is going to pay his legal bills and lawsuit
settlement for causing wrongful death; or will it be deemed a negligent
homicide and the dog be imprisoned for a set term instead?  But the
families could still sue...
Doesn't anyone out there in Berkley CA see the fallacy of their actions?!?
Yall normal folk need to get up and run. California really needs to
earthquake right out of existence and crumble to the sea about now if this
is the "progressive legislation" they are forcing upon their
communities.... And before it catches on elsewhere!

Jen P & her Pack wondering why Jen's about to have an apoplexy

On Friday, December 19, 2014, Carolyn Martello <marhaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> While I often don't agree with Jen I certainly do on this one!
> ( clipped to shorten it.... I apologize Jen. )
> Here in Calif. the town of Berkeley actually passed an Ordinance
> that those who have pets are not allowed to "own" their pets...
> they are only considered to be  "Caretakers".   ??
> I figure we will just be "caretakers" when our dogs learn to
> pay their own bills and drive themselves to the Vet...and lay
> awake nights worrying about us when WE develop a limp!    <G>
> Carolyn  marhaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <javascript:;>
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> ] On Behalf Of Jen Proud Subject:Re: GSD faces euthanazia due to owner's
> death
> How sad is this!  I hate to say it, but Bela needs to get a disposition
> yesterday!!
> I am sorry, but dogs are our PROPERTY and we as their OWNER have the right
> to make whatever provisions we choose for them. He shouldn't be sitting in
> a shelter for weeks, lonely and miserable with no person anymore, in a
> strange setting.   Some of yall may call me crazy, but I think Bela should
> have been euthanized on the 26th of November!!!
> If this dog has any protective instincts, he will be labeled "aggressive"
> and condemned to a kennel run for the rest of his days at "best friends
> animal sanctuary" out there in Utah where the land is big and there's no
> neighbors to hear nor see....   Better off dead, IMHO.
> This is another fine example of the erosion of people's minds when it
> comes to companion animals. NOT fur kids or pet parents and all that crap;
> we are their OWNERS and have the right to do as we please for our dogs
> outside of a rabies shot mandated by law every 1-3 years, and provide
> proper care for them.
> I am afraid for a day that might come where people like me will be unable
> to put their service dog's "work clothes" on and live an independent life
> anymore...  God forbid, I'm using my companion animal to make my life
> livable...  Without whom I would have to live in assisted living and be
> handicapped instead of handi-capable as I am now with a dog always at my
> side.
> I am just horrified that there might be some crazy idiot who feels that
> they have some god complex where their desires supersede my last will and
> testament when it comes to my pets!
> Jen P & her Pack

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