[ SHOWGSD-L ] GQ, not Gentalmens Quarterly

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  • Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 16:21:14 -0500

If you CHOOSE to breed whites even though they are a DQ....wouldn't you want 
all white pups??
Are you saying those who breed white GSD also want the Standard color??     WHY?

And, herein is the problem. 

Since those who breed Whites have a standard, included in that standard is the 
ability to show black and tan puppies if a White is bred to one of OUR standard 
colors.  It shows a different attitude. They don't make our standard a 
disqualification, as we do for theirs.

The bitch I mentioned before was from a white dam bred to Joe Black.  There is 
some irony in the name, but other than that it is accepted by the White 

People have a right to establish their own goals. We should not criticize them 
and they should not criticize us. We have our standard. We have decided to 
stick to it. Now it is time to understand that we are not the boss of everyone 

Or, maybe I am, but the rest of you aren't.


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