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Two things come to mind when I think of Dallas, especially when I think of his 
fame and the personal pain that seems to go along with owning and successfully 
competing with not just a great dog, but any dog.   Bitch competitors seem 
kinder.  No need to tell me why.  I know why!!  

The first was the Palm Springs Show (I think).  It was a big entry, probably a 
major...I have a horrible memory (Actually, I think I have Italian Alzheimer's 
Disease = I forget most things except for grudges)   Dallas went BOB, no 
applause.  I scrambled through the people near the ring, caught Jim's eye, and 
told him, "Congratulations!!  He looked GREAT!!"  Jim, in his usual soft-spoken 
manner, thanked me, but, he looked surprised.

The second thing was a Stud Dog Presentation at a National a few years back.  I 
do not think I have ever seen a more impressive stamp of type on so many dogs 
and bitches.  It was SUCH an impressive presentation.  

He was a great dog and a great producer, like it or not!!  I think he had 
parents...and, I think he might even go back to Horand, through Lance...but, it 
matters not to me.
I just was impressed with the dog.  He was special.

Paula, 20 days and counting

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I have been MIA for awhile due to computer problems. Dont know what the 
original email was regarding this subject.... but it takes two to create a 
litter. I met Dallas many years ago and was instantly smitten. His temperament 
was beyond reproach...and while he may not have been EVERONES cup of tea...he 
moved me in a way that only one other dog ever did....and that is his son 

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I too, like Linda, wonder if it is wise to jump into the frey, but feel I 
must.  I saw Dallas  and his littermates for the first time at the Balston 
Spa shows when Belle Starr was being campaigned by Jim.  He was just a very 
young dog then and he was without a doubt my pick of the litter.  If you 
know me, it all about the total package to me with dogs.  First is 
temperament and then I want all the dogs parts to be balanced.  When I saw 
Dallas the following year,  I told Jim I wanted to breed Belle Starr to him 
when she finished her campaigning. I felt Dallas had one of the most stellar 
temperaments I have seen in a dog, and he truly was a great package in a 
dog.   We did I and I got Happyanunoit.  This all came about before Dallas 
was campaigned by Jim.  I am extremely pleased that I made this decision, 
and clearly it was made before all the hype was out on Dallas.  Had I the 
chance to do it over again,  YOU BET!!!!!!  I agree with Linda,  how would 
you feel if someone were talking about your cherished love one like this.

Anne Thompson #343743
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> Â have pondered on whether or not to jump in for a few days; and then I 
> thought about how I would feel if it were my dog being discussed via such 
> a public forum. With a lot of people who read but never post, you wonder 
> who is reading the comments. They read the threads and believe it as 
> truth. (FYI: I have no ties to Dallas or his sons; but I have seen many 
> stud dogs and owners torn up unfairly over many years.)
> I don't think anyone can deny that Dallas did a lot for our breed. This 
> is evident through his sons/grandsons who are producing many of today's 
> winners. IMO Dallas gave us beautiful type, bone, soundness, and 
> consistent type. Like many ROM dogs, it took the owners promotion to get 
> ROM's and Red Book /Top Producing status. At the end of the day; no matter 
> who promoted- the progeny won based on their own merit. Kudos to those 
> that can accomplish. It takes dedication and hard work to promote an 
> animal, ask anyone who owns an ROM. Â Do we have to beat up the those that 
> worked aso hard to get these titles?
> Â I go to the shows and hear "so and so produces xyz fault" and it is many 
> times unfair. Any dog who is heavily used will throw every single fault 
> you can think of. The greater the number of progeny, the more prone to a 
> problem cropping up. Bitch owners forget that the dam was responsible 
> genetically for 50% of the problems. Just as an example, I popular ROM 
> GVÂ stud dog from years back (not Dallas lines) has been labeled as a 
> "producer of bloat."Â When I asked the commenter for specifics, she said 
> "abc dog" out of this sire died of bloat. Ok, but how many progeny in 
> general lived long healthy lives? The people that own these popular stud 
> dogs will tell you what they feel are "issues". They don't want people 
> breeding to their dogs that are not a good fit.
> I think all of us are concerned that our gene pool is getting slim. 
> Because these Dallas and his sons produced so well, many breeders 
> wisely used them. Now, we have created a bubble where the winning dogs 
> go back to the same bloodlines. All dogs genetically carry good and bad; 
> the question should be where to take the progeny from these lines to open 
> up the gene pool and compliment the good. No bloodline can be successful 
> by continually breeding back into it. As fewer people come into our 
> sport, we have less animals/bloodlines to breed to. Where can we take 
> these animals and continue to improve, add some other genetics?Â
> It just seems very unfair to single out bloodlines via this forum. It is 
> hurtful to many who love their dogs. Ask any owner of a GV how the dog 
> they loved was torn apart.Â
> Respect goes a long way when you are talking about the dog who sleeps at 
> your fellow dog owners bedside. Imagine if this was YOUR DOG people were 
> talking about on the list. I am sorry, IMO it is just wrong.

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