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Frozens are usually done when progesterone number is 20-22, at least.  I have 
never see them done prior to that number.  

Barb Hively - PA
DNA.  It's what makes a white, a German Shepherd

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Yeah I know, I've had some private emails with the same warnings but this is 
the best repo vet in my area, Dr. Janice Cain, Most of the successful breeders 
in the San Francisco Bay Area use her, Paul and Jennifer Root, Kay Springer, 
the late great Janice Staley...so I'll just have to trust!.....and pray!   
Worst case scenario is no litter and I'm out a bunch of money....been there 
done that! I'm still pleased! In the whole scheme of life this dog thing is the 
'toy department'... Most of us have REAL problems! Ed
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Hi Ed 
You don't know me from Adam,  but I just wanted to offer you some insight. 
Frozen semen is only viable for about 12 hours. A 5.3 does not indicate 
ovulation. So doing a TCI today will not cover ovulation + 3 days for the eggs 
to mature. The only success my mentors across 3 breeds has had is with a 
surgical and progesterone into the double digits.
For what it's worth :) 
Dr Hutchinson in Cleveland Ohio has a great website that has additional 
Good luck,

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