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I believe the treasurer, Bill Pfeiffer, should have a record of the  number 
of videos sold through the store.
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You  know… I was thinking>>>> ALWAYS a bad idea.  Didn’t I read  someplace 
here that only 33 Bob Videos were sold?  Don’t take this the  wrong way, 
but does it make sense, even, for Bob?   I’m assuming that the  videos were 
all sold through the Website Store, so that would be an accurate  count?  Or 
were some sold some other way?  I am ignorant on the  process.  I really am 
bad in that I’ve never bought one…. I know I read  on here when people get 
them how much they love them.  Maybe some day.  


On Jan 1, 2015, at 1:59 PM, Stormy V. Hope <_Stormy435@gmail.com_ 
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Perhaps  an alternative is to make subscriptions available right now to 
*purchase*  live-streaming. Then if the members who want it AND Bob (please, 
Bob!), will  be voting with their pocket books and wallets.  If there aren’t 
enough  pd subscriptions, the money could be refunded.  

Probably  not feasible, but it’s an idea.


Stormy V. Hope


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