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It was interesting today.....Ed Hill was quiet and didn't tell more than two 
jokes....so it was very surreal.......<G>
Levine had speakers that spoke mainly of numbers......"Millions spent on 
euthanizing dogs and cats and 
numbers of animals euthanized."     He had a Vet that testified that having 
spayed and neutered thousands 
of puppies for a clinic at 8 weeks of age he had never had one health complaint 
from the early spay and 
neuter.    A couple of workers at Animal Controls spoke on the numbers they 
destroy.....it was depressing.
WE need to also understand where these people are coming from.
THEY  need to understand where these "numbers"  are coming from.

Bill Hemby of PETpac had some outstanding speakers for the "NO" side including 
some working with 
Service dogs that spoke about needing service dogs to be older than 4 - 6 
months to make decisions on
their capabilities and breeding quality......someone for Search and 
Rescue...and intelligent Vet that spoke 
on several issues.    They were all highly qualified and gave intelligent 
outstanding arguments.   There 
was an AKC Rep. that spoke quickly about Purebred dogs.......

Mr. Levine made it clear it was only rumors that the bill was being 
pulled....but was squirming after some 
spoke on the "NO" side  ( in my  opinion )  and began to talk about 
'negotiating' ammendments and 
wanted to amend the bill right there!
Wally Cox   ( REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR HIM  )  said he had not seen anyone so 
"ammendment minded"
and a bill so "ammended" and that it only continued become more unnacceptable  
with each ammendment 
and saw no purpose in adding another "shoot from the hip" ammendment and 
refused to agree to that.
Finally the chair suggested Levine take until January to clarify his 
ammendments and bring it back and it
was pretty much over after that.

My impression ..........Had we not had Bill Hemby's quickly formed PETPac in 
the last two months there to
represent our side.....WE WOULD HAVE LOST TODAY !!!!!!!!!    
His group was prepared, articulate, well represented from ALL angles and they 
even had Lassie and Timmy
 ( from the well )  there and THAT  attracted the T.V.cameras!!!     At the 
Rally afterward....Weatherwax 
( Lassie's breeder / trainer )    spoke to the cameras while showing off Lassie 
and said had this bill been
 in place a few years ago there  would have been no Lassie then,   and there 
would  be no Lassie now!!!    
( I heard one of the Press and some people in the crowd repeat that 
statement.......it struck home!! )
Someone with disibilities spoke on how she relied on her dogs and how they were 
a huge part of her life 
and how she would not have them if this bill was in place......The Press kept 
the cameras going
PETPac even attracted the largest Cat Organization in the Nation and got a huge 
donation and lots of support
from them and she spoke to the feral cat issue and about breeding purebred cats 
at the Rally and someone
even had a cat in the crowd.     Their group had afforded PETPac to have some 
T.V. time......and I believe 
it helped to save us.   

I spoke to Kelly Moran afterwards and asked him if their intent was for PETPac  
to grow beyond California 
and he said PETPac hoped to have Nationwide impact soon.....but needs help of 
course.    I asked him
to write up some kind of mandate of their intent or plan on that level.......he 
said he would.  
Their success in pushing Mr. Levine into his corner was impressive to 
me.......I really do not  believe it would 
have happened without them!!!    Believe me..........there was a huge group of 
"YES" people there also!!
We need to continue to organize.......stay vigilant and stay the 
course......and be willing to help.
If this ever gets through in California.......it will be coming to a State near 

At the Rally....another very effective person was standing in the crowd facing 
the cameras with a huge 
VOTE NO sign bravely facing all the T.V. cameras........by jove at second 
glance I realized it was Ed Hill...and 
yet he still refused to tell one joke........well.......maybe he got off ONE in 
the actual meeting....but I am just too 
smart to tell you what he said.   <G>

Carolyn  marhaven@xxxxxxx
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[ SHOWGSD-L ] Today in Sacramento

         I attended today's hearing on AB1634, sat next to GSDCA Board member 
Carolyn Martello  ( an extremely smart woman)...both sides were given 20 
minutes to speak and then the State Senators asked a few questions...Levine 
opened and several other pro AB1634 folks followed him...next the anti AB1634 
folks spoke for 20 minutes....it was my opinion that Levine was clearly on the 
run, he offered the Senate more amendments to the bill, The Senate committee 
refused. It was my opinion that Levine wanted to pull this bill but he had to 
"save face" with his organization, who ever that is. It was finally agreed upon 
to shelve this Bill until January 08...so It ain't over, but if I read the 
Senate committee panel correctly the way the bill stands today is not going to 
fly...of course Carolyn may have gotton a different opinion. Levine however did 
impress me with one thing he said today...he said he had problems with the 
opposition because "they" have refused to acknowledge that there
   is a problem and they failed to meet and talk about agreeable solutions. I 
don't know if that's true or not, but the fact remains there is a problem and 
we do kill far too many cats and dogs in shelters...AB1634 goes way overboard 
in trying to correct the problem, however the "powers that be" on both sides of 
this issue need to get together soon and have honest discussions to resolve 
this issue!...I also spoke to a nice lady who shook my hand ( she was pro 
AB1634)....we both agreed on the subject of the AKC...I can't repeat what we 
said on this list.....two more weeks and I'm back to school!......FB

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