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Read and reread the verbiage of the proposed changes to the flyer.No where does 
it state we would have a white dog on it. So it appears that the vote was taken 
on incorrect information. The proposed changes should have been presented to 
the BOD by Mr. Tank.
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 Exactly Kathy... And I would wager that there is not another parent club out 
there with pictures of dogs with DQ's on their brochures.  ~Cyndi 
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Is it too much trouble to ask that a dog w/o a DQ be on a flyer sent to 
potential new members?  We probably ALL started with dogs that were "not 
exactly".  The idea is to be inspired by greatness, not mediocrity, to see a 
dog and say, "WOW one day I'd like to breed/own one like that", not scratch 
your head and say "wait...isn't that a disqualification"? Kathy, member GSDCA, 
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 While the GSDCA is the guardian of the GSD Standard here, we need to remember 
that those of us who exhibit in conformation are a very small group. The flyer 
is aimed at encouraging everyone who has a GSD with the hope they may want to 
become involved in a club that welcomes them to pursue whatever type of 
competition they enjoy.  
 I started with a bitch who, while well bred, was not good enough to finish so 
I went on to obedience and then got a good dog because people encouraged me. To 
be honest if this list existed then and I read some of the comments and 
witnessed the feeding frenzy of the few who just seem to always look to 
disparage those who volunteer to help, I probably would never have pursued 
 If we aimed the brochure at the small group of conformation exhibitors it 
would not do much to encourage anyone to join the GSDCA. This was done 2 years 
ago? All BOD members and committee members received a copy and it passed 
unanimously. Maybe those who are suddenly appalled should read the minutes. 
 Our conformation shows are shrinking. Why not use all this energy for 
something positive like encouraging people to become involved in our sport or 
fighting anti-breeder legislation that threatens our sport? 
 Hope you all have a great New Year. 
 Ken Tank 
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 the Dr. And I agree on this one. While I understand the objections to the 
white obedience GSD on the flier, the flier is aimed at NEW PUPPY owners! I'd 
bet that 95 % of these dogs will never enter and compete at a serious level in 
conformation! The flier is clearly directed towards folks that are not club 
members. I would have NOT used the white dog in the flier but based on who the 
intended audience is I don't have a problem with it!  Ed 

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There is something else totally wrong with the flier.

Firstly, as of MIDNIGHT tonight, Laura will no longer be out COrresponding 
secretary - Joy 
Schutlz is. and that person does not do membership. Lastly, Membership is the 
Chair and not the COrresponding secretary and that should have been listed 
first, not second if 
the purpose of the insert is to direct pet owners to become members of the GSDCA

If this Board member had ever seen this insert, she would have pointed the 
above out.

The Majority of animals registered are PETS of all sizes shapes and colours. 
The AKC wants to 
get them involved in their sports and MAKE MONEY.

As for the Review, each month is dedicated to a different facet of our breed.  
One Month has the 
ROMS for example, August has the HIghest Living ROM DAM on the cover - and in 
2013 and 
2014 it was Liberia. 

The GSDCA is responsible for the breed - all facets. We represent the USA to 
the world as well.

To me, the GSD is a GSD and the greatest breed in the World.


Dr Zoe Backman



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