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Exactly Kathy... And I would wager that there is not another parent club out 
there with pictures of dogs with DQ's on their brochures.  

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> Is it too much trouble to ask that a dog w/o a DQ be on a flyer sent to 
> potential new members? 
> We probably ALL started with dogs that were "not exactly". 
> The idea is to be inspired by greatness, not mediocrity, to see a dog and 
> say, "WOW one day I'd like to breed/own one like that", not scratch your head 
> and say "wait...isn't that a disqualification"?
> Kathy, member GSDCA, DVGSDC
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> While the GSDCA is the guardian of the GSD Standard here, we need to remember 
> that those of us who exhibit in conformation are a very small group. The 
> flyer is aimed at encouraging everyone who has a GSD with the hope they may 
> want to become involved in a club that welcomes them to pursue whatever type 
> of competition they enjoy. 
> I started with a bitch who, while well bred, was not good enough to finish so 
> I went on to obedience and then got a good dog because people encouraged me. 
> To be honest if this list existed then and I read some of the comments and 
> witnessed the feeding frenzy of the few who just seem to always look to 
> disparage those who volunteer to help, I probably would never have pursued 
> conformation.
> If we aimed the brochure at the small group of conformation exhibitors it 
> would not do much to encourage anyone to join the GSDCA. This was done 2 
> years ago? All BOD members and committee members received a copy and it 
> passed unanimously. Maybe those who are suddenly appalled should read the 
> minutes.
> Our conformation shows are shrinking. Why not use all this energy for 
> something positive like encouraging people to become involved in our sport or 
> fighting anti-breeder legislation that threatens our sport?
> Hope you all have a great New Year.
> Ken Tank
>> On Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 11:06 AM, <edwinx@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> the Dr. And I agree on this one. While I understand the objections to the 
>> white obedience GSD on the flier, the flier is aimed at NEW PUPPY owners! 
>> I'd bet that 95 % of these dogs will never enter and compete at a serious 
>> level in conformation! The flier is clearly directed towards folks that are 
>> not club members. I would have NOT used the white dog in the flier but based 
>> on who the intended audience is I don't have a problem with it!  Ed 
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>> There is something else totally wrong with the flier.
>> Firstly, as of MIDNIGHT tonight, Laura will no longer be out COrresponding 
>> secretary - Joy 
>> Schutlz is. and that person does not do membership. Lastly, Membership is 
>> the Membership 
>> Chair and not the COrresponding secretary and that should have been listed 
>> first, not second if 
>> the purpose of the insert is to direct pet owners to become members of the 
>> If this Board member had ever seen this insert, she would have pointed the 
>> above out.
>> The Majority of animals registered are PETS of all sizes shapes and colours. 
>> The AKC wants to 
>> get them involved in their sports and MAKE MONEY.
>> As for the Review, each month is dedicated to a different facet of our 
>> breed.  One Month has the 
>> ROMS for example, August has the HIghest Living ROM DAM on the cover - and 
>> in 2013 and 
>> 2014 it was Liberia. 
>> The GSDCA is responsible for the breed - all facets. We represent the USA to 
>> the world as well.
>> To me, the GSD is a GSD and the greatest breed in the World.
>> Dr Zoe Backman
>> http://wynsumgsd.com
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