[shells] Issue #9, 19th July 2004

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  • Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 17:12:50 +0100

Issue 9 is unleashed today thanks to *lots* of hard work by
sparkane (sparkane at shell-shocked.org).

Hats off to him for a splendid issue! Enjoy the read folks ...

Ravi (http://shell-shocked.org)

,----- [ Issue 9, 19th July 2004 ]
|  Editorial: Issue #9 (19th July, 2004) by sparkane
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=289
|    Introduction To Issue 9. Thanks Passed Around. Some News For
|    Contributors.
|  LDE(X) 6.2 by Phil Stopford
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=287
|    And you thought we were just kidding around. Well maybe we
|    were, but Phil Stopford is definitely Not Kidding Around.
|    Introducing the latest release of Litestep Desktop
|    Environment(X), the alternate Windows shell replacement, not
|    just for your home, not just for your toaster, but for your
|    SOHO. Check it.
|  Announcement: Blackbox Users Survey by Miguel Garza
|     http://test.shell-shocked.org/e107_plugins/survey/survey.php?4
|     This is a survey of and for Windows Blackbox shell (BB4Win,
|     bbLean, Bluebox, or Xoblite) users. So Win *box developers
|     and plugin writers are free to take the survey too. It is
|     meant, I admit, to satisfy my curiosity as a Windows Blackbox
|     user, and also to hopefully reveal Windows Blackbox usage
|     trends that might not otherwise be visible. It is meant as a
|     service to Win *box users and developers, who will better be
|     able to see how people are using *box shells.
|  Review: LSCP2 by Sergey Gagarin 
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=286
|    Sunny Saxena has arrived with a pithy review of an awesome
|    utility: the Litestep Control Panel, version 2. We at
|    Shell-Shocked fully believe that after you update your system
|    with this, your desktop will turn to you and sigh "Was it good
|    for you too?" Read on to find out how you too can say "Yes".
|  Death to the System Tray! by CutTheRedWire
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=285
|    Red don't like trays. He don't like cafeteria trays, he don't
|    like airport seat trays, he don't like French stuff like trays
|    magnifickay, and he REALLY don't like trays on his computer!
|    The first in a two-part series. Read up!
|  Tutorial: Theming Litestep by Paul Hale
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=272
|    BigDaddy's back! Sure you missed him. Everyone does, no need
|    to feel ashamed. We're not - we missed him! *Snif*, dammit!
|    And now here's a tutorial as only the BigDaddy can do it. And
|    don't let's forget, there will be a quiz afterward, chillun.
|    So study up! (..Ok, just scaring you with that quiz thing
|    there. I'm sorry.)
|  SharpE Public Beta 5 by Billi Berserker
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=292
|    There's two things that get the Internet up in the morning -
|    fresh porn and fresh code. We at Shell-Shocked would never
|    consider thrusting our good fortune upon you - sort of like
|    Liberace - which leaves -- fresh code! All by way of saying
|    that SharpE is fresher than ever, and I do mean Fresh. Billi
|    Berserker, take it!
|  Interview: Andrew Powell, Kapsules creator by sparkane
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=293
|    Andy Powell is not a spy. Certainly not a spy for Michigan,
|    which can barely afford squirrels, let alone a spy like Andy!
|    (And Shell-Shocked is not Robert Novak.) No, Andy is just a
|    regular joe who made a neat new widget engine on .NET. Read
|    this if you don't believe us. Read this if you do.
|  The GUI Next Door: Geoshell 4.11 by Mattias Westlund
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=294
|    Shaker West rides again! A peerless tracker across the dusty
|    vasts of the IntarWeb, West brings hope and comfort to you,
|    pilgrims, with another installment of The GUI Next Door, this
|    time on Geoshell 4.11. Put down that Bible, pardner -- now
|    here's news!
|  Practical Modding by Rev. Edward Karn (ZenLogic)
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=288
|    Zenlogic, whom we've determined is a real actual Reverend,
|    checks in with this inspirational tale about deskmodding in
|    the Real World. Not to mention what are probably two of the
|    coolest screenshots you'll ever expect to see from a church
|    computer. Then again -- our Reverend is Zenlogic; would you
|    expect any less?
|  Windows Symbolic and Hard Links by sparkane
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=284
|    How many sleepless nights have you passed, tossing and
|    turning, because you couldn't symbolically link files on
|    Windows as you could on *NIX? That many, huh? Geez, kid.. get
|    a life! Or if that's not an option, you could try a little of
|    this?
|  Jokes: Issue #9 by Brian Wolven
|    http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=290
|    Gentle Sentients, where would we be without jokes,
|    without humor, the yeast of life?
|    Well, we'd probably be more like a griddle cake
|    than a loaf.
|    -- Okay, I tried. Here's the pro!

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