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Thanks for your patience. We hope you find this issue worth the wait.

Have a good read folks.


Editorial by Ravindra Maharaj (Ravi)
    Some notes on what went into putting this issue together.

Szechuan News wrap by Dan Browder (az)
    A look at the major headlines since the last issue by az of
    blizzle.com fame. Even if you don't give a damn about news -
    this one's worth a read! *hehe*

Shell-Shocked goes PDF! by Dale Beermann (::cadisella)
    After numerous requests for an offline PDF version of the
    magazine, Dale has decided to take on the task.

Theme: Rhodium Edge by arhra reviewed by Sunny Saxena (143lsstep)
    Have a look at arhra's latest theme. Most people love the
    smooth graphics and animation, but see for yourself. The
    author has a few things to say as well.

Interview: nivenh by Ravindra Maharaj (Ravi)
    I've chosen a coder to grill this time around. nivenh has
    been coding for quite some time and has contributed to
    several major shells. He's not afraid to ruffle some feathers
    either. As well, he has a message for you people: appreciate
    your devs today!

The Chronicles of Shell Replacement by Michael Holland
    In the last issue we learned of our hero's resolve to try
    every freeware shell that exists. Here, he relates his first
    adventure: an encounter with SharpE.

Tutorial: How's the weather? by Brian Wolven
    Currently Litestep is lacking a good, up-to-date weather
    module. Brian has come up with a pretty good solution.

Diary of a Madman: Part 2 by Paul Hale (BigDaddy)
    Our resident newbie gives you his perspective on how to
    approach shell replacement. Complete with a series of tips on
    how to make the process as painless as possible.

Litestep: The Missing Link by Erez Zukerman (Ezuk)
    How is using a shell replacement like driving a car? Have a
    read and find out for yourself ...

An introduction to geOShell! by Erik Bates (Jabooty)
    Just what it says folks - get the goods on this minimalist
    replacement shell - the choice of many.

Tutorial: trayicon.dll by Paul Haine (la_haine)
    How to add custom items to your system tray. See the
    joeblade.com tutorial section for some more nice ones.

Interview: Dra'Kon by Isabel Hurtado de Mendoza (isahm)
    We've interviewed a themer and a coder. How about one of the
    many who use shells on a daily basis? Oh there are photos too

Announcement: Shell-Coding list by Kevin Schaffer (Maduin)
    The new shell-coding mailing list is announced to the general
    public. If you're even remotely interested in shell-coding,
    or in learning to code - you should check this out.

Program review: ShellOn v2 by Joshua Blocher (Verbalshadow)
    So you like trying out various shells do you? You should
    definitely use a shell-switcher. Verbalshadow reviews one of
    the most popular ones - and you know his reviews are good!

Theme: dArk_bundle by Maestr0 reviewed by Phil Varcoe (Phar0e)
    This is it - we have our first exclusive! This isn't just a
    review, but a release as well. Maestr0 unleashes his latest
    theme via Shell- Shocked, and Phar0e gives us the details.

Tutorial: How Isaac Newton Helps Us Skin by Mike E. Moras (e-sushi)
    If that title isn't cryptic enough ... well ... I'll just say
    that e-sushi uses some very colourful language in this
    article. Quite interesting stuff really ...

Litestep under Win2k/XP by Björn Brembs
    If you use an installer - that's cool. If you'd really like
    to know what's going on under the hood, or you just want
    complete control over your shell installation, have a look
    here. If even you don't need it now, you might later on! This
    is written with LiteStep in mind, but may be applicable to
    other shells as well.

The Liter Side by Brian Wolven
    Quotes, engineers, surgeons and health.

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