[::shell shocked::] Shell-Shocked Issue #1 ... at last!

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Have a good read folks!

*Editorial by Ravindra Maharaj (Ravi)
A bit about what went in to putting this issue together.

*Shell-Shocked needs you! by Ravindra Maharaj (Ravi)
If you'd like to contribute to the shell community there's lots
of opportunity to do so at Shell-Shocked.

*News wrap by Joel D. Parker (rootrider)
A look at the previous month's shell headlines by the news man
himself (Period: May 15 - June 15, 2002).

*Logo contest ends by Ravindra Maharaj (Ravi)
The winner of the logo contest is announced. Check out the
entries for yourself.

*Theme: Azul by Teschio reviewed by Phil Varcoe (Phar0e)
See what all the hype is about. Phar0e gives us the low-down on
Teschio's latest work. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

*Diary of a Madman by Paul Hale (BigDaddy)
Do you ever feel a bit "at sea" when you start out using a new
shell? This article is about the difficulties faced by a newbie
LiteStep user, and how he overcame them. A very amusing read!

*What the Shell? by Tin Omen, with craeonics & Kenray
A "primer" on the subject of shells. Desktopian's Tin Omen
answers some questions posed by the Tek Team. This article
originally appeared in the Teknidermy magazine, and is reproduced
here with permission.

*An introduction to Cloud9:ine! by Ken Berry (aka 30Mil)
One of the Cloud9:ine developers gives us some highlights of a
truly groovy shell.

*Tutorial: Label.dll and !LabelSetText by Kevin Schaffer (Maduin)
A few cool things you can do using Litestep's Label.dll from the
author himself. A text-based VWM, and interactive help using
label tooltips. Awesome!

*The Chronicles of Shell Replacement by Michael Holland
A brave adventurer embarks on an epic journey. Mike intends to
try every freeware shell out there, and chronicle his experiences
for your benefit. God speed, my friend, God speed.

*Interview: Phar0e by Ravindra Maharaj (Ravi)
An entertaining, lively and informative chat with one of the
community's most prolific themers.

*Program review: AlphaEdit2 by Joshua Blocher (Verbalshadow)
Get the skinny on this editor geared towards Litestep. As well,
the author, allelimo, has a request.

*Theme: [noir] by [morph] reviewed by Sunny Saxena (143lsstep)
A thorough review of a simply amazing theme. As well, a few
"brief" words from the author, [morph].

*Skinning and theming - from DOS to today by Mike E. Moras
A perspective about how skinning and theming have evolved over
the last few years.

*An introduction to LiteShell by Robert Moss (Rob)
Rob (the developer of LiteShell) introduces himself and LiteShell
to the unsuspecting reader. He tells us a bit about LiteShell's
major features, and walks us through an installation.

*The Lighter Side by Brian Wolven
A few jokes ... just to top it off.

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