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,----- [ Issue #8, 20th April 2004 ]
| Editorial: Issue #8 (20th April, 2004) by Ravindra Maharaj
|    Blah blah blah .... blah.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=257
| Themes, Styles & Wallpapers by Various Artists
|    A few goodies for our faithful readers :). Check 'em out!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=271
| News: Nov 21 - Apr 20, 2004 by Kevin Brew
|    Cypress takes on the task of informing the masses about what's
|    been going on in the shell world for the last 5 months!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=256
| Review: The GUI Next Door: Blackbox for Windows by Mattias Westlund
|    In the first of a regular series of shell reviews, West takes
|    a look at BlackBox. I have to admit I find one thing puzzling
|    about West's review: What do Catherine Bell's breasts have to
|    do with minimalism? Quite a bit apparently! "BlackBox has more
|    eye candy than you might expect from a minimalist shell, and
|    it has a sleek hi-tech look that I at least find appealing"?
|    Erm.. riight. ;) Read and Enjoy - I did!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=253
| Review: *box Shells, BB4Win, and bbLean by Miguel Garza
|    Looper checks in with a most informative article on *box
|    shells, particularly BB4Win and bbLean. For a great overview
|    of *box shells and their features, look no further. (All
|    right, all right, you got me, you WILL have to look one page
|    further in order to READ it.)
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=247
| Tutorial: Hacking The Look by Rev. Edward Karn
|    Reverend Karn aka ZenLogic aka Reverend Karn (because I don't
|    know which is the handle here) presents us with an updated
|    version of an article he originally wrote for 2600.com (May
|    the hair on their toes never fall out). This article has it
|    all: modifying a dll with a hex editor, screenshots, lots n
|    lots o' Res-Hacker, a touching moment of DBZ or two, and pomes
|    fer cryin out loud. Go read it already!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=254
| Review: iShell Installer 2.1 by Joshua Blocher
|    Verbalshadow provides a quick writeup of a relative newcomer
|    to the shell scene, Allelimo's and Ironhead's iShell. Looks
|    like the iShell folks are going for a minimalist look with
|    extensive functionality. Check it out.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=268
| Interview: Bladestaylor (*box plugin dev) by Miguel Garza
|    Looper Rides Again with his interview of Bladestaylor, dev of
|    SystemBarEx, a simple but efficient BB toolbar plugin.
|    Sporting the longest answer to the longest question in
|    Shell-Shocked history, this article provides an interesting
|    look at the thoughtfulness that has gone into the SystemBarEx
|    design. Dip in!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=269
| Review: PureLS 0.40 by Christian Noer
|    TucknDar offers an article on the motivation and style of
|    PureLS, offshoot shell of LiteStep. More to whet the appetite
|    than give a full accounting, this little nugget will probably
|    provide the hook to get others to give PureLS a shot. Read and
|    get whet!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=249
| Tutorial: Coding: iShell Applets - Part 1 by Alessandro Limonta
|    Allelimo, one of the devs for iShell, an open source
|    replacement shell available on Source Forge, has put together
|    a tutorial on creating your own iShell applets. Put on your
|    C++ hat and dip into the stuff that makes the Alternative
|    Shell world tick.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=250
| Tutorial: Coding: iShell Applets - Part 2 by Alessandro Limonta
|    Part 2 of Allelimo's tutorial on creating applets for iShell.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=251
| Tutorial: Coding: iShell Applets - Part 3 by Alessandro Limonta
|    Part 3 of Allelimo's tutorial on creating applets for iShell.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=252
| Article: Why the Apple Dock Still Sucks by Bruce Tognazzini
|    Apparently ONE article by The Tog in the last issue wasn't
|    enough for you! And APPARENTLY you people had the temerity to
|    criticize Tog's lofty dismissals as "no longer valid"! Hoo
|    boy! You thought you had the last word! Boy were you wrong!
|    Tog is back with an update of his previous evaluation. Now
|    READ the last word! (At least, the last word until further
|    notice.)
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=259
| Article: Securing your Computer by Jim Maurer
|    Notwithstanding Bill G's born-again commitment to his OS'
|    security, there have been more Windows worm and virus exploits
|    in the last year than any before. But even on a Windows box,
|    it's possible to attain reasonably good security with some
|    basic steps, without spending a mint. Even if you're already
|    familiar with basic security (a likelihood in our lot), check
|    out Jim's article for additional options.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=248
| Jokes: The Liter Side by Brian Wolven
|    Aging, Scottish Art, Bumper Stickers, The CIA, Colonoscopy,
|    Lesson For The Day, Sherlock Holmes, Guys' Rules, Tonto ...
|    and more in this issue's joke section!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=255
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