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,----- [ Issue #7, 2nd December 2003 ]
| Editorial: Issue 7 (3rd Dec. 2003) by Ravindra Maharaj
|    What? Don't tell me you're actually going to read the editorial?
|    Nobody reads the editorial. *sniff*.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=226
| Newswrap: June 13 - Nov 20, 2003 by Dan Browder
|    az wraps all the news that's fit to wrap. Is it paper or plastic?
|    I guess that depends on whether you're from the United States or
|    not. But it's the same: light-and-flaky outside, chewy-gooey
|    inside once the wrapping's off, that's for sure. Dip in!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=224
| Article: Shell-Shocked Reader Feedback by Ravindra Maharaj
|    We asked for feedback in the last issue, and boy did you hit us
|    with it. See what your fellow readers think about Shell-Shocked,
|    and watch your editor field the criticism!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=229
| Announcement: Survey Results by Ravindra Maharaj
|    Presentation of the results of last issue's survey along with
|    some comments. Thanks to all who took the time to participate.
|    Big props as well go out to Brian Wolven for help tallying
|    everything up.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=227
| Interview: Ilmcuts, LS Core Dev! by CutTheRedWire
|    Superhero ilmcuts is currently the only core developer for
|    LiteStep. Feeling his pain, CutTheRedWire interviewed him. Now
|    you can read ilmcuts' own account of his action-packed origin!
|    (Spoiler: it didn't involve a radiation accident. I know ...
|    weird.)
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=223
| Theme: 3phase, itqe, 21 by Sunny Saxena
|    This issue's review is a bit different. 143lsstep not only
|    reviews a whopping three themes, but also compares them with each
|    other. What do they all have in common? Read on to find out. Even
|    more interesting is what each has that the others don't.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=231
| Article: Why the Apple Dock Sucks by Bruce Tognazzini
|    "Interaction Designer" Bruce Tognazzini elucidated some of the
|    finer points of Fitts Law in the last issue. Ravi spotted him in
|    a BBC article recently (yes, yes, you're among celebrities -
|    behave yourselves now) and asked if he'd contribute another
|    piece. In this slightly older bit (circa 2001), Bruce tells us
|    why the Apple Dock sucks ... from a usability standpoint of
|    course - one can't deny that they look hella kewl!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=225
| Article: Functionality Strikes Back by Mattias Westlund
|    West gives his take on the Functionality vs. Eye-candy debate. I
|    know what you're thinking: Do I really need to read another
|    well-worded, well-thought-out article on this long-in-the-tooth
|    subject? Short answer: you do. Long answer: yeah.. you do.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=219
| Article: Eyecandy vs Functionality by Taras Brizitsky
|    Our SacRat brings his WinAmp eye-candy development experience to
|    bear on the debate of Functionality vs. Eye-candy, coming down on
|    the side of ... well, you'll just have to check it out, won't
|    you?
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=215
| Tutorial: Multiple Linux Distros by Holly Bostick
|    Still haven't found the Linux distro that's right for you? Why
|    not install and play around with several of them? Long time
|    community member Holly helps us walk on the wild side with Linus
|    Torvalds. (What? You want all the articles to be about shells?)
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=230
| Article: The Next Step by Mattias Westlund
|    Shaker West wants a shake-up and shake-down of the LiteStep
|    manual RC configuration. As usual, his strong opinions are a
|    pleasure to read; but don't take my word for it: read it and
|    agree with me your own damn self!
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=218
| Interview: Andrew (Carbon Dev) by Juan Lupión
|    Juan Lupión, AKA Epaminondas Pantulis, AKA Alt Zerone treats us
|    to an interview with Andrew, the Carbon Lokai developer. Now
|    people, I know what you're thinking, but let's not hold it
|    against Andrew that he's lacking in pseudonyms. At least, AFAWK.
|    Really, once you start reading the interview, such petty concerns
|    will no longer bother you ...
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=222
| Tutorial: Hacking The Look by Brian Connolly
|    For our less experienced readers, here's a reprint of an article
|    from 2600.com on basic shell-replacement hoodoo. It's important
|    to have this stuff archived for the community.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=220
| Jokes: The Liter Side by Brian Wolven
|    Are you a real man? Take this test and find out for sure. Post to
|    a forum while changing a light bulb. How would Satan run his
|    political campaign. Guess who's the most popular man alive! (It's
|    not who you think it is.) This issue's joke section aims to
|    answer some age old questions.
| http://shell-shocked.org/article.php?id=228

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