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Visit DEOL GROUP INC (http://www.Deolgroupinc.com)=20
** Deolgroup IT networks **=20
- IT services - Low prices -=20
provider of a complete range of voice, data, video, and
high speed internet access solutions (products and
services) including:=20
* Software Design, Development, and Testing.=20
* Web Design, Development, and Hosting.=20
* Complete set of telecommunications services
including: - Local and Long Distance voice, Internet
services (including web hosting), Virtual Private
Networking (VPN), Ethernet, Wavelength, and Integrated
voice and data services. Multi-location business
special deal. Multi-location business include national
and international branches. We have special program for
Universities, Colleges, and K-14 Schools and Districts
that are upgrading their Networks to add more Bandwidth
or support IP Telephony and Video.=20

Local Service:=20
Dedicated Access: ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI, Trunk, DID and
Switched Access: Basic Line and Enhanced (Centrex)=20
Caller I.D., Call Waiting, Call Forwarding & Voice Mail=20
1-800 Service=20
Directory and Operator Assistance=20

Long Distance Service:=20
1+ Long Distance Services=20
Intra LATA Calling=20
Dedicated Access=20
International Calling=20
Calling Card=20
Conference Calling=20
800/888 Services=20
Carrier Termination Long Distance=20

* Websites custom and pre-designed ---=20
Typical cost of a website in US dollars ($) including:
Analysis and Database Designs etc can run you as much
as 5K. Alternatively, we let our customer's to select
one of many pre-designed websites at a very low cost,
for details visit our Website:
http://www.Deolgroupinc.com, =97 and every pre-design
offers the flexibility to give your site a unique look,
allows you to change colors or fonts, and even
integrate your logo into the design. So you get a
professional website at a fraction of the cost of
custom design.=20

* Referrals and proposal development --=20
We would like you to consider our products and services
for your home, company and clients. Also, you or your
company will receive a percentage on the products and
services we provide as a result of customers referred
to us through our affiliate program. Compare us with
what products and services you have now and find out
how much money you or your company can save ! Please
forward this information to a person who evaluates and
makes decisions about your home or company's
communications products and services - Start Saving

* We meet the needs of our clients by offering a
complete service portfolio. we will save money and
improve efficiencies with coordinated services
including high speed internet, voice, video and data to
match the need of residential, small and medium size

Please e-mail or fax the following information in your
request for complete analysis and proposal development

* Company name:-=20
Zip code:-=20
Fax: ---=20

* Type of business:-=20
Contact name:-=20
Number of locations: ---=20

* Service areas of Interest:---=20
Long Distance:-=20

* Voice and data requirements:---=20
Single location:-=20
Multi location:-=20
Integrated voice and data:-=20
International companies: ---=20

* Request for proposal development:---=20
Integrated services:-=20
Internet services=20

* If you need additional information - or your company
and client's need to outsource any work, please do not
hesitate to contact any of our consultants.=20

Apply for IT positions - forward your resume, or if you
know any body with the relevent qualifications
interested in the position, ask them to forward their
resume and reference you for referral.=20


Tel: 561-451-9622

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