[SEYSA] SEYSA Youth Programme 2010: Opening Ceremony cum 'Tailor-make Your Life' Talk Series on 24.7.2010

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Dear Youders and friends,

*Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association Youth Programme 2010***

*Opening Ceremony cum “Tailor-make Your Life” Talk Series*

On behalf of the Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association (SEYSA), I am writing
to present to you the Talk Series on “Tailor-make Your Life” of our Youth
Programme 2010.  We have limited seats reserved for Youders and friends
after accommodating the official participants of Youth Programme 2010. Since
walk-in seats are not guaranteed, please email Ms Bobo Chan, Operations
Officer, at bobo.chan@xxxxxxxxx if you want to register for the event. Please
note that the registration fee for SEYSA members is HKD$20 each. The
deadline of the registration will be on 23rd July 2010 by noon.* *

*The details of the event are as follows:*

Date: 24 July 2010 (Saturday)

Venue: Room Y304, Block Y, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Time: 9:45 am – 1:00 pm**

* *

*About SEYSA Youth Programme 2010***

Youth Programme 2010 is an annual event held by SEYSA, to recognise the
achievement of our new young scholarship awardees and to strengthen their
social awareness and social responsibility. As in previous years, the Youth
Programme provides talks, forum and social service experience for all
secondary school awardees to come together in promoting self-development
through discussing different social issues and exploring the relevant

The theme of the Youth Programme this year is “Tailor-make your life”.
Teenagers in Hong Kong are well blissful with all the prepared resources.
Teachers, parents and even different social celebrities have stereotyped
good teens and bad teens, and have urged the teenagers to follow certain
guidelines in society. However, have the youngsters been granted a chance to
make their own way through to make their own dreams come true? Life is what
you make it! In this programme, we hope to encourage the participants to
learn to make decisions for themselves and their future paths.

*About **“Tailor-make Your Life” Talk Series***

*Details of the event:*

Date: 24 July 2010 (Saturday)

Venue: Room Y304, Block Y, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Time: 9:45 am – 1:00 pm**

* *

*“Tailor-make Your Life” Talk Series I (Speaker: Mrs. Cam Highfields)*

Mrs. Highfields has great experience in radio and television broadcasting.
She is a full-time housewife from a Hong Kong family. She is a mother of two
daughters but a great adventurer. She is now a freelance writer and she
wrote about her family’s great adventure on travelling around the world on a
yacht. Do you have fear for the mysterious sea? Mrs. Highfields would share
her ways to overcome the life problems while travelling on her yacht – Jade,
throughout a trip on the sea lasting four years and eight months. What drove
her to make the decision to go on board and overcome the challenges ahead?
Let embark on a life voyage with Mrs. Highfields.

* “Tail-make Your Life” Talk Series II (Speaker: Mr. Kee Chi Hing)*

* *

Mr. Kee had been a Board Director of various Hewlett-Packard (HP)
subsidiaries and joint-ventures. Most of his career was on the IT service
business including consulting, outsourcing, education, and technical
services in China and Hong Kong. Mr. Kee is a successful entrepreneur. He
also values the importance of social responsibility. For many years, he is a
great supporter to the community while serving as a director two social
enterprises, namely Fullness Vocational Training Centre and Hong Kong Social
Entrepreneurship Forum. The establishment of Fullness Hair Salon is a great
success in social entrepreneurship field. He is also a member of Social
Enterprise Summit Organising Committee. A choice of devoting himself into
the community and nurturing young people in different social entrepreneurs –
would it be your decision? Why should the Hong Kong young people develop
social entrepreneurship? Mr. Kee will tell you his decisions on his career
path. **

For enquiry, please feel free to contact Ms Bobo Chan at bobo.chan@xxxxxxxxxx
Don’t hesitate and grasp this opportunity!


Ada Yiu

Development Officer

Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association

*Youder since 2004*

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