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This is a message from Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association.

Dear Youders,

SEYSA Volunteering Jobs Recruitment

Raising social awareness and building solidarity have always been one of
SEYSA's core principles. Over the past years, SEYSA has been involving in
various community projects with the participation of many compassionate
Youders and their friends. However, being the most enthusiastic talents of
Hong Kong, many of us found that was not enough. Our participations and
devotions can create own "positive energy" which can constructively affect
people from different walks of life in Hong Kong. 

In response to many members' indication of their interest in various
talents, it is our pleasure to invite you to devote yourself to SEYSA and
the whole society by taking any one of the following volunteering roles in
our Association. 


SEYSA Publication Team Recruitment

Sharing and publishing their views, values and norms on social issues, it is
our pleasure to announce that a new SEYSA Publication Team will be formed.
The SEYSA Publication Team will gather information, reflexions, reports
which have been compiled from different SEYSA community services and
activities. In the team, we will discuss, coordinate and organize different
formats of publication, such as proceedings, newspaper or journal articles,
books, etc. The team members will learn how to uncover dozens of
revenue-generating publication strategies and leverage valuable media and
social exposure. More importantly, this participation can build up assets on
your career path. It is one of the most promising ways to establish yourself
and increase your potentials. 

If you would like to join our SEYSA Publication Team or have any enquiry,
please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Karen Cheung at karen.cheung@xxxxxxxxx
for further discussion. Please send me an email on or before 25 June 2011
for enrollment. 


SEYSA Information Technology Committee Recruitment 


The SEYSA Information Technology Committee (ITC) is run by the
IT/CompSci/Eng. students and graduates from SEYSA to bring news of SEYSA and
technological advancement made by SEYSA Scholars to all members of SEYSA. We
do web development projects, art work designs, e-business operations and
offer handy I.T. training to team members within the interest groups. Now,
we are recruiting new blood to the Special Task Force of SEYSA ITC.

If you would like to join our SEYSA ITC or have any enquiry, please do not
hesitate to contact Mr. Raymond Chan at Raymond.chan@xxxxxxxxx for further
discussion. Please send me an email on or before 25 June 2011 for


SEYSA Social Service Team

Social Service Team was established in 2010 and led by a registered social
worker, who is a Youder. The Team's responsibility is to coordinate and
organize SEYSA social service projects/ programmes. You can also by person
participate in community services on behalf of SEYSA. Currently, we are
looking for team members' commitment in meeting about once per month,
participating in particular services, actively involving in organising and
implementing service projects as well as email communication in the team.
The duration of the job is throughout the year. Our current projects include
Deprived Children tutorial/ support Team, Rural China Service Tour and
Elderly Services Team.

If you would like to join our SEYSA STT, please send your full name, award &
award year, age, contact phone no. & email address, home district, office/
school district, as well as volunteering experience to ada.yiu@xxxxxxxxx by
June 25 2011. Please feel free to enquire by contacting Ada Yiu at 95792225.



 Your involvement will definitely help SEYSA to generate a better impact on
our society! 



Judy Tam

Secretary, E-board, SEYSA

Youder since 2006


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