[SEYSA] [SEYSA]: Statement on the Occupied Central Movement and Related Student Activities

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*Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association*
*Statement on the Occupied Central Movement and Related Student Activities*
Pertaining to the recent events of the Occupy Central Movement and the
involvement of Hong Kong’s student demographic in related activities, SEYSA
feels obliged to make a statement on the position taken by the Association
Acknowledging the vast membership body and subsequently wide political
spectrum held by the members of SEYSA, the Association neither has nor
intends to form a unified political standing, and respects the differences
in the positions of each individual member. SEYSA welcomes and encourages
their members, as dutiful citizens of Hong Kong, to be participative in the
city’s political matters and to voice their opinions, so long as these
opinions are expressed in a manner that is rational and non-violent.
Furthermore, speaking in particular to the participating students and
youth, SEYSA hopes that individuals remain mindful of the consequences of
their actions and decisions to take part in certain political events,
especially in situations that may result in arrest and prosecution. To
nurture individuals with ambition to make Hong Kong a better place is one
of the visions of the Association. SEYSA remains respectful towards its
members whom may choose to achieve this vision through political actions,
and hopes that Hong Kong’s youth will, too, approach others who share the
vision of Hong Kong’s brighter future albeit holding different political
views, with mutual respect.

21 September 2014

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