[SEYSA] Condolence of our beloved Patron, Mr. Sanford Yung

  • From: Kathleen Ho <kathleen.ho@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 09:01:29 -0700

Dear Youders and Friends,

It is with solemn hearts and great sadness that we announce the death of our most beloved Patron, Mr. Sanford Yung. Mr. Yung may no longer be with us, but his wisdom, his inextinguishable vivacity and philanthropic spirit, is revered and unforgotten by members of the Sir Edward Youde Scholars Association.

Mr. Yung's contribution has built for the Youders an irreplaceable identity. His initiative to set up the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund, his role as Honorary Advisor to the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council, and his father-like guidance to the Association reminds us that the grandest successes of his lifetime are not limited to his importance in the accounting world, but also resonates from his benevolence and generosity.

At the age of eighty-five, Mr. Yung reflected in an autobiography that his life was distinguishable into four observable stages. In juvenile years, he wrote, his life was defined by young learning. In adolescence, education and academe. His prime years he gave to the nurturing of career, prosperity and integrity; and his late years he dedicated to giving back to the society from which his success was borne.

In the occasions where Mr. Yung met with our members - and these occasions were plentiful - he demonstrated this love of giving and shared with us the countless lessons he gained from his eventful years. He often stressed that all there is to gain in life was only made valuable when it allowed us to further the fruits to others. Always approachable and never distant, Mr. Yung showed us no less than his most sincere regards, and wholehearted blessings for our successes as the society's rising generation. His death means for us not only the loss of the Association's patron, but also the loss of a teacher and a close friend.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr. Yung, who, like us, have suffered a great loss. We will never forget his greatness and humility, his brilliance and modesty; and in his wake we will continue to serve the community with vigor, with perseverance, and with unselfish dedication.

If you wish to leave a message of condolence, you may do so at http://remembrance.seysa.org/sanford/.

Best regards,
Kathleen Ho
Secretary of the Executive Board 2013
Youder since 2012

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