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Here one from Ian (Spike)
For all the battery horders

Sorry for those who get a repeat. optusnet mail server was still blocking mail due to the old web address in the footer.....

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Hi all,
I have been looking around for a UPS solution that will last for more that a pissy 15min. I stumbled across this website (http://icrontic.com/articles/super_ups) whilst I was looking and it sounded promising. It turns out there is an Australian distributor, (http://www.venceip.com.au). There are 2 models, the 12volt system (600watt) and the 24volt system (1200watt). The great thing about them is you can add what ever batteries you have lying around and not fork out a fortune on crappy small batteries for commercial UPS. I am considering purchasing at least one 1200watt unit to protect my home network during poweroutages. Rocket mentioned you guys might be interested.


Spike(Ian Kirkpatrick)

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