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  • Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 22:01:02 -0500

Greetings to Jerry and all Srs, techy or not!     Here is a short bio although 
I know a few of you on here already!     As the subject line says, my name is 
Avis, and I live in Bismarck, North Dakota.  This year marks my 9th year of 
retirement from teaching 5-6th grade.  The district did hire me for one year 
after retirement to help with some on line work with teachers, and for a couple 
of years volunteered to work with students at school, and then decided that  
was enough volunteering.  Our school then hired me to work with System 44 and I 
did that for one year as well.  Good experience. Now I only volunteer to work 
with our Chips kids (Children of incarcerated Parents) a couple times a week.  
You reach a point where enough is enough!
   In-between living, breakfast with friends, and keeping up with my "kids" I 
manage with help from my listmoms, the listserv some of you are on or may have 
been on called the  4-8Connection (previously 5-6).   http://www.edu-web.net  
is where we abide!  
  I walk and shovel snow (8" of the wet stuff today) and mow my own lawn so 
consider that all exercise.  Mr T is the feral cat who wondered into my life 
and has taken over control, he looks like Garfield.  (and acts like him!) 
 It is interesting how life circles around Jerry, because I do remember when 
you ran Middle L and that is when I think we were the 5-6?   I don't remember 
or doesn't that surprise anyone!     I think this listserv is a good idea Jerry 
and glad you found something to occupy your time!   Thanks!

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