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Piggyback DownloadsCategory: Software 
QUESTION: "Suddenly my web browser is cluttered with toolbars that I
never asked for. I delete them, but sometimes they come back. Why is
this happening, and how do I get rid of all those unwanted toolbars?"
Here's an example of how cluttered your screen can get: Piggyback
Toolbar Download <http://askbobrankin.com/piggyback-toolbars.jpg> 
Unwanted Programs Piggyback Onto Downloads
You open your Web browser one day and there at the top is a toolbar you
didn't install. Where did these things come from? How can you get rid of
them? How can you avoid picking up more of them?
Often such annoying programs are sneaked into your computer with other
programs that you actually DID mean to download. The annoyances
"piggyback" a ride onto what you want and are installed along with the
desired program. Usually, you can avoid piggybacks if you pay attention
during the installation of a desired program. But some distributors of
free programs sneak piggybacks in far under a normal person's radar.
Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Ask.com and others have toolbar piggyback
programs, and one can only presume the company pays software
distributors to sneak it in on their users' computers. During the
installation of the desired program, after clicking on several routine
buttons and getting used to clicking "OK" or "Continue" mindlessly,
there will be a notice that asks if you wish to install a toolbar, or
some other extra thing. They're counting on you to be lazy or impatient,
and just click the go-ahead button without really reading what you're
agreeing to.
Usually there is a checkbox you can uncheck to deny the installation of
piggyback program. Just pay attention for it. 
Other software is even more stealthy and devious. There are quite a few
trusted software packages that try to foist toolbars and other addons
under the radar. Even some security-related programs use this tactic!
Here is a sampling of some well-known programs that include piggyback
Sun Java Update (Offers Carbonite or Microsoft's Bing toolbar) 
Adobe Flash Player / Reader (Offers Google Toolbar or McAfee Security
AVG Antivirus (Offers Yahoo Toolbar) 
CCleaner (Offers Yahoo Toolbar) 
Comodo Internet Security (Offers Ask Toolbar) 
Foxit PDF Reader (Offers Ask Toolbar and eBay Desktop Shortcut) 
IrfanView (Offers Google Toolbar) 
RealPlayer (Offers Google Toolbar or Google Chrome) 
Skype (Offers Google Toolbar) 
Winzip (Offers UniBlue RegistryBooster) 
ZoneAlarm (Offers SpyBlocker aka Ask Toolbar) 
Protect Yourself From Piggyback Downloads
Think before you download. If it's free, somebody may be paying the
distributor to load up your computer with adware or extras you don't
need. Pay attention during installation; opt OUT of anything you don't
really need by UNCHECKING any boxes that will install these annoying
Here's an example of a box you should UNCHECK...
 Java Update - Yahoo Toolbar

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